The despair Of The British nation.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Common Sense Perhaps.

Fracking Good Job, If True.

Many times the population yet still more sense to desire self sufficiency. Never mind global warming, use that which we have and use the time we have it, to determine the energy for the future. This greed to devour our future wealth before we have paid for today's, is utter madness.

Gas from fracking techniques has already reduced the USA's import costs and given them a glimmer of hope that debt can be brought under control. In these small Islands, grossly weighted down by an ersatz population growth, we need energy now and we need to reduce our burdensome trade and financial deficits. The greens can whinge all they like, their solutions are every bit as energy sapping as fossil fuels and exceptionally more expensive.

We can go further. More oil from around our shores, millions of tons of coal still available and more natural gas from shale than we need. The only caveats are to be careful and use modern engineering and science to allow us to be more prudent as to how we mine and drill. Not only that, we need a Government able to ensure the mineral wealth reaches all of us, not a lucky few, greedy, in the know, oligarchs. Now the latter point is more difficult than keeping the lights on and body and soul warm and fed!


Mike Spilligan said...

OR: You're so right; but I have to tell you that no one's listening.

Viscount Rectum said...

Sorry Rightie Babe, Fracking is an abomnation to those who know, it is deadly, Carbon is a food, plants breath it and give out Oxygen, coal yes, oil can be grown,, Oil wells regenerate, oil was never a fossil fuel it is a product of bacterial life forms that have LIVED within Mother Earth for millions of years and will still be there when man will be long extinct, whoopee!. the near future is electro-Hydrogen, fruck fracking

Oldrightie said...

MS, I blog to let off steam and put out my little man's anger, just in case somebody gets a tad of comfort they're not alone.

Since the hierarchy are in hock to the criminal and organised gangsters, those guys know how to make the effete in Government listen. As they will ere long.

Oldrightie said...

If fracking is so awful, how come the Yanks have embraced it with such vigour? As for oil, I agree with your analysis and note well how holly leaves combust with oily instance! Holly oil extract, fuelled vehicles, now that's seasonal.

Viscount Rectum said...

I will tell you why the Americans have embraced it with such vigour, because like everything else in America from their President down is a fracking fraud , try Birther Report, com
the Americans put up with fluoride poison in their fracking drinking water GMO crops for dinner they have passed the point of no return try looking at some or their enormouse sinkholes,O yea the 16 trillion debt they owe,, guess who they owe it to?, 14 of it to themselves yea just fracking digits on a computer

Oldrightie said...

I'm disappointed you feel my "perhaps" to have not registered. However I also direct attention to this article,

I still think its a way to go, VR.

James Higham said...

It probably beats tar sands.

Oldrightie said...

It's funny how coal mining was never "slagged off" by Labour for the mess it created.