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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Climate Testicles.

Doha Duh!

We are regaled today, as ever, by Uncle Sit On My Lap  (USOML= BBC, no longer Auntie), as you may have read here. I will confine my post to the ridiculing of this article. For a much more scientific stance and factual information go to Icecap. 

The underlying message from Harrabin, is really The EU socialist one, big Nations very bad, the little chaps goody goody. In reality  its just yet another excuse to punish progress by more successful Countries and ignore the African and other despots' behaviour over decades of bent use of aid donations  and attempted help.

Notwithstanding the historic way in which overpopulated lands have been turned into deserts by sheer stupidity, deforestation and poor management, let alone conflict and ignorance, those Nations, often referred to as "The West" who in the past raced ahead, the climate debate remains pure political spite. The result of such attitudes now glaringly obvious in South Africa.

Take this oh so socialist mantra of spiteful envy and indoctrinate decades of kids' education with it and hey presto, millions of brainwashed, brain dead, incapable of debating hordes, who lap up the Harrabin type of so called reporting and totally fail to see the propaganda. Just as the masses trapped in the Labour created inner city ghettos still vote for the people who keep them there.

This indoctrination also means that the common sense approach to life, of conservative personal responsibility is somehow now up there with "racism", "homophobia" and therefore, by association, climate change scepticism.

Though the science is bent and the taxation punitive, the hardship is only expected to be the lot of the little people. As you would find in the luxury hotels, full to bursting in Doha. The likes of  Harrabin no doubt hammering the mini-bars as they type their hoped for award winning copy.

An interesting little change crops up, I notice. One I have associated with this climate debate many times. Pollution. Just as the AGW powerfully discredited nomenclature morphed into climate change, so, it seems, climate change, in my view, rightly, is being modified to pollution. This a more identifiable human trait than the Godlike ability to change our climate and weather.

I say godlike, since our ability to change hurricanes, earthquakes and flood are readily witnessed as pathetically impossible. What this climate "industry" is really about is socialism and redistribution, to assuage the left's sad guilt complexes. Of course the utter failure to prevent the rich from benefiting from these quasi good intentions just produces Bliars and Milibad millionaires. 

“Saleem ul-Huq, from the think-tank IIED, told the BBC: "This is a watershed in the talks. There is no turning back from this. It will be better for the US to realise that the principle of compensation is inevitable - and negotiate a limit on Loss and Damage rather than leave the liability unlimited.” Yeh, "compensation" for Gulfstream sales teams!

Isn't it ironic how one of the largest areas of producers and beneficiaries of oil hold a conference and host that desperately corrupt UN de facto Dictator to spew out its ghastly messages. Still the crippled intellectual faculties of the generations of compliant kids of today are the ones who will suffer the most.

Not for them the luxury to enjoy the fruits of their labour, as mine are just able to cling to. As my generation has stood by, whilst The UK has been ravaged by socialism, so the younger of today will pay the price for their compliance in the mirage of a socialist Utopia and multi-cultural, tribal battlefield, the whole planet is becoming. 

Naturally, when there are the rather unpleasant aspects of human nature to create strife and conflict, there is never a mention of the pollution engendered by war and ancient enmities' The greed for others' good fortune or endeavour, even when that may be purely based on where their place on Earth resides. After all, we, in The UK, have plenty of water as well as oil. Does that mean we should hand it all to those from desert lands?

In my book, our good fortune would be better used to invest in those desert people, not pretend those climate differentials are somehow our fault! Use the wealth from oil to drill for water, not build monuments and palaces to Saudi like arms traders and BAE like arms suppliers! Little chance, though. Where we stand down, others  step in. The BRICS  are already catching us up in that sad business, pollution, climate change, whatever, be damned. For sure we all will be.


  1. The Beeb don't tell us that the fabled IPCC have not been invited to Dohar and I would really like to know what the Official and real reasons are.
    On deserts they don't point out the the bread basket of Imperial Rome, "Libya", turned to desert eons before climate armageddon.

    I was talking yesterday to a perfectly senisible chap about recent severe weather events.
    He told me that it was going to get worse and how he is following a series on Sky which said that this year alone the arctic icepack had lost 85 MILLION (gallons/tons, whatever)!!!

    I asked him if he knew what 85m looked like? Is it 6 feet off the entire icecap? Half a glacier perhaps? Maybe just a small iceberg melting off Spitsbergen.?
    Of course he had no idea and nor did he know how long it might take to replace itself, a decade, a season, half a days substantial snowfall?
    I went on to give him a lecture about how journos, poiliticians, "green industry", the media and academia (among others) are all in the funding grubbing scam together.