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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Camoron's Calumny.

The Same As All Of Them.

Utter failure is manifested in this poll and reported everywhere but in The UK. The political and corporate globalists have and continue to destroy all that was once the envy of the rest of the world. Yet what is the policy of the political classes at Westminster, glaringly lacking any UKIP presence? More of the same crap.

More Europe subterfuge and secret, treasonable surrender. More of the failed pygmy  "technocrats" such as Rompuy and his gang of mediocre, economic idiots and federalis. Not a leader amongst them, just a wimp, secretive cabal of mediocrity and gormless, futile arrogance.

Much of that foregoing weakness and inability to survey the damage done by all of them is epitomised by Camoron's address. Like a few laboured PR dreamt up platitudes can magic away the disaster which surrounds us all. No mention of the Afghanistan nightmare now firmly entrenched in Pakistan as well. Plus The Yemen is now the operations and nerve centre of Al Qaeda with our streets ten times more dangerous after billions squandered so badly in the Region of our repeated history of failure.

In his speech to kick off a dark and forebodingly  numbered 2013, this weak and rather ineffectual "heir to Bliar" employs the same confidence trickery of his idol. A belief that rhetoric is all that matters. Say things often enough and people will fall for anything. Even that behind the scenes all was cuddly and sweet with Snotty and the Bliarites.

There is one thing which now stands out in The UK, this end of year. It's an awareness that the political classes have failed terribly to lead. Despite the deep understanding of an electorate that wished no overall majority government, turned its back on the last national election and cries loudly for a UKIP stance on Europe, the pillocks carry on regardless. Not one whiff of the stench of our dying grassroots and our trampled, once proud history. A history once so successful at applying common sense to a mad existence.

Not one care for the reality of life in general. We don't want cheap energy, food and housing but we do want affordable and aspirational lives. We want a say in "green" policies choking us before we can afford them. We want armed forces capable of protecting our lands, skies and seas. Instead look what we get, more pathetic left over waste used to buy Labour votes. We don't need Parliament for at least ten years, more we need another Cromwell. Fat chance, of course. More likely an EUSSR technocrat will be offered up.


  1. The government are now happy to murder you should you be old and need medical care. Just look at that photo of another dog turd Hunt and his saying 'its fantastic' that people are been starved,denied water and pain killers. This is what this country has come to.

  2. Another insightful piece, OR, for which my thanks. It is the sense of - I suppose 'impotence' wouldn't be far short of the mark - I feel when I read articles such as this.

    I am in my sixties, my kidneys are shot and, much as I would love to, 'manning the barricades' is impossible for me.

    I hope and pray your message, and that of other bloggers who still have the power of sight and lucid thought, will manage to convince someone other than those of us who already have that hymn-sheet.

    Thank you for you marvellous blog and may I wish you and those dear to you a peaceful and healthy new year; anything more would be a bonus indeed.


  3. Thank you, I prefer this blog, most people I speak to bewail "its to late", I say bollocks its to late when they screw down the the lid. The internet arrived in time, sometimes I watch Hitler's speeches and wonder what if we had a Nationalist leader with the sheer power of oratory and personality as him, he said the wealth of a Nation is its People. lets start from that premise.