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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Brits Biggest Mugs.

Now It's Known The World Over.

What have we to show for it? Remember the boasting about how Snotty had war chests with which to fight elections? Well soon that will be the cry from Downing Street once more. Bear in mind, however it's our money, coerced from us to fight stupid wars, pay stupid perks and buy BBC propaganda. That's before we consider the bungs to a sickly EU project and the IMF, corrupt, piggy banks for despots.

Whatever the real fiscal facts approaching the next election,  rest assured the boxes of tricks, sleights of hand and downright dishonest manifestos will be used to dumb and numb an already inadequate electorate. Then there are postal votes, another election burdensome cost to use as a new weapon for manipulative corruption.

As for Snotty's promise not to raise income tax. Easy peasy game this one, for the bar stewards to mess with. Fiscal drag one of the weapons of choice. Firstly screw up inflation to devalue cash. Then increase personal allowances to pretend to lift people out of paying tax. Yet lower the kick-in threshold for the higher rate. Very socialist at first glance. Fair and decent taxation. Except it forces more and more "ordinary" levels of pay into that higher bracket.

At no time do we hear Government say we should not have to borrow. We can't afford war, nuclear submarines and expensive EU club membership fees. Let alone a House of Lords paying failed but ennobled prats 300 quid a day to sit around blowing wind in our faces, from there, mostly, fat backsides. Chameleon, the Lords' reform being kicked into touch, (Kinnocks breathe sigh of relief and Prezza orders more beer and pies) now wants to pack more cronies  into the pig pen of upper house troughers. At a price we just can't afford.

If that were not bad enough the Lower House, in every respect, continues the same old perk grabbing culture  as before.  A paltry £1 million less than before the public last learnt of their profligacy with our tax theft. Plus they are soon to slip a massive pay hike in there, probably around the Royal Birthday next year. Or some other good day to bury bad news,  i.e. screw us all over as ever.

Still, my fellow little people, what are we to do? Just press on regardless paying through the nose. After all's said and done at least the whole bloody world knows that our lot in power are so useless and pathetic that even with the huge income they snaffle from our children's mouths, now and in the future, they couldn't run a whelk stall. The Houses of Parliament, more like houses of ill repute, where money is quickly lost to the temptations for which they and their BBC mates are well versed in succumbing to! Ask the late lamented Cyril's family! By the way, also don't mention paedophile investigations going on. They're not happening, just fading away.


  1. I don't have a comment to pass on this, OR, only to echo your words and wish I had your passion and eloquence.

    Perhaps other readers of your fine blog will be able to do more - thank you.

    1. Opsimath, there's me thinking you were anti-OR! Bless you for kind words.

  2. I agree OR. All we can do is keep going and hope and pray someone will come along and save us. I keep trying to do my bit by convincing people not to vote Lib/Lab/Con, preferably UKIP, but it's difficult with tribalists.

  3. Looking at the photo of Brown little did we know he would be replaced by just as big an idiot. There's is no hope millions of Romanians and Bulgarians on their way here next year.

    1. That new influx will be the death knell of The NHS and the rest of an already overstretched infrastructure. Greed and short termism, rules, OK?