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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Bogies Coming Off.

Although It Still Careers On.

Well, normal service for Brussels has gone a bit awry. Their placement, the 
 not so super Mario has quit. As I have been saying for some time, when these idiots in power were forced, by the greed of their like minded banking crooks,  in the USA and EU,  to travel a dangerous road,  they would have more to fear than career block. From the link, just listen to the connections identified and realise how TPTB are now under the violent, retributive nature of the sadistic drug monsters. Long spoons and all that!

Now what's the relationship with our Super Mario? The fact that Mexico drug cartels are hand in glove with the globalised crime corporations, now sat firmly at the same tables as Italian Mafioso and corporate, political players, is a major factor in our global stagnation. The thing is, if we listen to the atrocities in the film and the complicit elements of our so called elite, we have to be disgusted.

However, the politicians and bankers have far more to fear. If the dues owed are not forthcoming the debts will be paid in other forms. Government Officials will not have the luxury of diplomatic niceties. Bankers even less so. Is it any wonder the banks are not lending and the politicians still pumping our money into them?

All of the money being earnt or created now has to fund the obligations to the cocaine trade. Well done, leaders and your so called mates. You have capitulated to the devil incarnate and he wants paying. All the bluster about growth, GDP and so forth is crap. The EU machinations, wars and incompetence are all coming home to roost. Not even the Intelligence agencies can help. They have the same paymasters after all.


  1. Even the BBC (Radio 2 news item Sunday am) conceded that the Italian government has not been elected but did not point out that Italy is an EU Appointocracy, along with Greece.

    Still it's fun to see that old letch Silvio wield such power behind the scenes.

    More about Barclays laundering cash from the drugsters at the height of the credit crunch please.

    1. Not just Barclays, banned, they were (and probably still are) all at it. I even read somewhere recently that members of the Royal Family are involved to some degree.

      Just when you think matters couldn't get any worse, someone kicks over another can of worms ..

      In the press today, Plod is threatening to reveal a total of 25 celebs in the Savile debacle. People haven't the wit to see that this is just a smokescreen to protect the real perverts in the ranks of the great and the good. The entire system is corrupt, rotten to the core, but still the pretence goes on.

      Like the Roman, I seem to see ... etc. etc.

    2. My favourite part of these carryings on remains the retributions the believers in their invincibility face One day soon a prominent individual will be named in the |Savile horror and another found under a bridge!