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Friday, 21 December 2012

BBC, Again

Cretinous, Biased,Anti British.

Despite this face above being the more recognisable and appropriate face of the BBC, the presenters and news crowd still play their superior and smug roles of untouchable bias against their funding captives. Their EUSSR creepiness matches well their image so perfectly captured above and only marginally superior to the face and nastiness of Tubby Patten. 

See what I mean? As for my ire today, it came from relatively benign October economic figures this morning. When we stop to consider the Armageddon wrought by Snot Picker Gordon and his wrecking Balls crew, (pun there), the figures were virtually miraculous. That, with their usual spiteful bile was not wehat Uncle Beeb wanted or expected. Cue more "cuts" rhetoric. If we had a Brussels led financial "wizard" cuts would be "honourable and prudent savings" would they not? 

Prescotts, all of them. Bar stewards.

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