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Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Not For Everyone, Of Course.

As the Government seems to wrestle with what is described as an intractable economic recession, the failure
 to actually do what's necessary is glaringly obvious. Too many self interested politicians, bankers and crooked lawyers conspired to buy everything, from election victories to big fat salaries and pensions.

The merry-go-round, heavily encouraged by The EU and The UK's Labour idiots, was allowed to turn so fast it came off the spindle. Yet all of those involved, Snotty and Labour, Merkin, Sarkozy, Rompuy, Barrosso, together with the likes of Victor Blank and Goodwin plus so many others,  are  all still very wealthy fat cats.

This piece from 2009, note, sums it all up rather neatly, together with a  “Might they (The Tories) have been better to have demanded loudly a more extensive break-up of the banks? And suggested their exposure to far, far greater competition in free-markets so that the consumer benefits? It’ll never catch on.”  Which of course, when in the driving seat this lot fell into line, as protectors of the same people the previous lot had.

No more than The EU failures have continued down the path of "more of the same." More expansion to bring in yet more poorer economies able to suck on the dry and cracked tit of EU milk producing profligacy,  poured down the drain of incompetent idealism. More money, more taxation, more borrowing, more spending. Not one jot of sense to step back and see the solution is NOT an ever larger, corrupt monolithic state.

What The UK and the other Nations of Europe need is a shrinking of banks, corporations and Government. An orderly wind down and dismantlement of The Federal ideals which have gone so disastrously wrong. No chance. Just more pathetic tinkering, such as Osborne's today. More begging bowls to fund those who have been so useless and an organisation so corrupt it can't sign off its accounts. That obvious factor as to why we are treading water, at best, sinking at worst, just never gets mentioned. 

We have a Government chasing, headless chicken like, around, splashing our cash on anything and everything useless, still needing billions of pounds of borrowing to top up that State theft. Quit The EU, cancel the Trident replacement, get out of The IMF and be like Iceland. Small, independent and subject to the will of the people. They did exactly that which I and many others said would save the worst elements of the crash and long recession. How good would that be? Only one other step I would take. Jail some of the political morons who conspired in this almighty mess. Balls for one, Snotty's Goebbels. Still Balls thinks he's never wrong!


  1. Ah but people who are dependent on others for political survival are never going to jail them.

  2. One of my futile dreams, James!

  3. We cannot be like Iceland because Icelandic people live there, we are dumb, timid, addicted to shit food, shit TV, we are addicted to shit its all around us, in the air, how many people know what a chem -trail is and if they knew would it register? no it wouldn't, in a moment of madness I might try to end it all by getting a flu vaccine and turning my brain to complete shit.