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Thursday, 13 December 2012

As The West Meddle Again.

Protecting Oil Or Humanity?

Oh how our lot weep and wail when western journalists come under siege. Yet how quietly it is whispered, if at all, when those braving the world's troublespots, to bring us footage and news, are not of the inner circles of Government influence in the West.

Of all he most culpable is, guess who, the bastion of kiddy fiddlers , Uncle BBC. This poor Ukrainian's plight is an embarrassment to our lot of bad poker players. Men and women who are addicted to gambling with other peoples' lives and money but very, very bad at it. That, so far, this kidnapping has been absent from our Strictly Not news you are entitled to know is a blisteringly nasty disgrace.

There are so many secrets and lies but never fear. The great and the good are happy with their incognito paedophile status and the promotion of legalised sodomy. So much so it is deemed desirable to enshrine such issues in ridiculous law. Far more significant than the murder of some far away eastern enclave, few chavs and trailer trash have ever heard off.


  1. I happen to a be resident of a trailer. Frankly, i take the old paleoconservative stance regarding hegemony both of them and us. In a postmodern Western context, i say 'we' are bound to lose. Unless 'we' unite altogether simply on the grounds that we are Western. The neoconservatives are the ones that marketed a Judaized and globalized holy war against Arab and Oriental Mohammedans. So the whomever is the Western and American representative can market pornography, and a moderately compromised belief system.

    1. Mr M., you know what I mean and it could never apply to your good self!

      Your political target is well hit.

  2. Viscount St Albans13 December 2012 at 20:18

    It appears that one of the greatest thinkers the world has known is right, survival of the fittest, a principle that cannot be denied, but I would like to quantify that by saying in the case of humanity it will be the brainiest and cruelest.

  3. Like others I used to regard Ukraine as Russia Lite and just an excuse for the USSR to get an extra seat at the UN.
    This is not something that the Ukranians would agree with.
    Does anyone know what their stance on Syria is?

    I used to hold RT in some regard until the other day I read an article on some British topic or other based on the "revelations of a UK Government insider reports the UK Daily Star/Sport" (can't remember which).