Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Monday, 24 December 2012

All Gifts Are Gratefully Received.

An Oldrightie Convert!

Some of us are born with common sense, others play lefty only to blossom into righties and have a Damascene conversion as they become older and a tad wiser. Or at least less foolish. So I have found with our Rod above.

Slowly his left wing, guilt relieving angst has morphed into an entertaining, slow change, to a more OR like grumpiness. Now, personally, I welcome such a fortunately high profile realisation that getting older carries responsibilities to those who would worship at the oh so transitory cup of youth. 

Unfortunately the adherence to an advertising passion to dupe the young into delusory behaviour and gadget updating, on a near daily basis, does not welcome the more measured and justifiably cynical approach of those already wearied by the confidence tricks of life. So come on World, more Oldrighties is the way to go! 
You know it makes sense. particularly at Christmas when so many Santas are required! 

Have a lovely Christmas and thank you for reading this.


  1. It's not the presents that make Christmas special - it's the presence of those like-minded souls whom one has, by happy circumstance, drawn into one's life. Thanks for being there OR :-)

    All the very best to you and Lady OR for the festive season.


    1. Your eloquent kindness is received and returned with much gratitude and affection, Caratacus.