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Saturday, 17 November 2012


It Appears That It Works!

Not voting that is. The PCC election was not a debacle after all. Well, maybe for that arrogant bloke in Number ten. Plus, joy of joy, the career junior staff abuser, sucker at the tax payer's teat, all round bullying, hypocrite of a "Lord", trying to work out, in the pic above, how much this defeat is going to cost him.

In all my approaching 68 years on this Earth, as far as politics goes, there will never be a sweeter moment. All three parties were rebuffed. UKIP made a very good presence felt and The Westminster Bubble was deflated by a goodish amount. 

I've always feared, thanks to brainwashing, that not using ones vote was bordering on a sin but since results were so against the main parties, with the hypocrites of the left faring worse, not voting for any of the above or for independent candidates, sure messed up the wonks' planning for 2015, or sooner.

Corby gave the blonde selfish grasper a kicking for sodding off to seek fame and fortune in the States. However for the old clich├ęs to be trotted out by Labour was pathetic, even by CokeEd's standards. If the next General Election offers up a paltry few votes like Thursday, anything might happen! 

As for the Chatterati and their endless analyses of ignorant unawareness as to what happened, they also are flummoxed! It was not disinterest. It was a protest of gigantic proportions. One which might yet sweep away our corrupt, all to cosy relationships between so many apparent animosities for Public consumption, shown by the three main Parties. Which, in reality, they sup tax payer subsidised booze and luxury menus together laughing loudly at the gullible Public.

Their taste buds will a little less sweetened if their stupidity and arrogance allows them to realise this was a statement of intent for change. Not their kind of musical chairs change, however, more a subdued hum of piano wire in the background of Thursday's will of the people. 

Have a great weekend and pray for Bunni, please.


Barking Spider said...

Now, if only we could get everyone to stay at home during the next general election in 2015, the bastards in Wastemonster would no longer have any legitimacy or any power over us at all, OR.

Of course, the problem is that certain Lefties and other vested interests will always turn out to vote - but a turnout of less than 10% could create a very interesting situation indeed.

Viscount Rectum said...

This costly pathetic demonstration of Democracy should be examined closely, the Common Purpose candidate had his arse kicked he can now fuck off back to Hull and look into the mirror he was too ugly to vote for, was it worth a hundred million to see the Lord of the Blowflies sulk.

Oldrightie said...

Hi, my Liege, VR, yes!

Oldrightie said...

Interesting times. Next step will be to demand more power to The People! UKIP for a start.

Clarinda said...

Apparently a significant proportion of those who 'voted' spoiled their papers by indicating their democratic right to have their unrepresented opinion expressed. Many in the MSM were rather discomforted by what they termed a dereliction of the democratic process - I suggest the democratic process was well served by the electorate as opposed to the automatically expected seat at the trough by the 'winners'. So much for a legitimate mandate.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the law in the Mail headlines 'Britain's most wanted paedophile arrested at Heathrow'. Read and look at the sentence he got, in 1995 he was given 7 years. Then the paedophiles in the court system clicked in that was reduced to 5 years on appeal he was back on the streets in 1997 only done 2 years. Britain's most looked after by the courts paedophile should be the headline.

mona said...

You are right, except there is no democracy at the deep end like asking questions of actual a referendum on Europe, stopping immigration, do you want 35 million Bulgars, Romanians with the accompanying Roma with an absolute right to come here next year , or the endless stream of sub-Saharan Africans, or the I could go on and on but whats the point we have no democracy.

Oldrightie said...

Anon, just typical of the depth to which these closing of ranks are able to go.