Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Votes And Deaths.

Their Similar facets.

This beautiful face should haunt every one of the 650 wastrels at Westminster. The UK convention hall of Brussels and the EU. Not only this lovely and tragically sacrificed young woman but every one of the 437 so far to have died in a cause and battlefield long forgotten and cast aside as a political tool. Naturally, were an election need to be called for summer 2013, then I suspect the carefully crafted, for maximum political point scoring date of 2014, would be rapidly advanced.

Furthermore, as and when we retreat out of this disaster, tails hidden between our legs, as with Iraq, we will leave a legacy of bases, airfields and military structures of great value, to our conquerors, The Taliban. Not least the weaponry already being turned on our troops regularly, even now! The Afghan Army will quickly become the Taliban Defense Force, better equipped than ever, in the history of this war torn country.

So yesterday, as this terrible failure of our erstwhile and pathetic ruling class was quietly motioned to one side, we had the spectacle of that other great failure, The EU move onto the stage. Little thought is given by our tame media to what goes on behind the scenes. Of a handful of vaguely sensible MPs with little chance of getting us out of this club for bureaucratic, or as the now preferred title, technocrat, pompous clowns, few of those with a brain cell understand their own insignificance.

Does anyone, with an ounce of observation of our modern world, not realise Teddy Milibad will have had serious discussions with his EU buddies about yesterday's defeat in the Commons? Albeit The Boy Dave, looking older, chubbier and balder by the minute, is party to The EU Federal dream, he's still less welcome in the faux socialist tent than millionaire Milibad. 

So yesterday's rather weak ambush by Labour is a meaningless bit of playground posturing. Milibad will have had carte blanche, from his secret talks in Brussels, to set up The Boy. The EU wants more of our money, (borrowed, remember)  to fund their corrupt accounting systems, bribe culture and excessive pay. A fraction of those packages would have made our young heroine above have an even broader smile.

So for The EU Puppet masters, Ted's little game yesterday was quite sweet. Dave gets a kicking in public, goes to the next Brussels junket, plays his pretend veto act to the full, claims another victory for The British Federal  EU States and hopes he has kept his Europhiles happy and UKIP in the cupboard.  Two ambitions fully endorsed by The EU Cabal for the time being. 

The EU nasties love their long game. It's insidious, powerful and attracts newcomers like Teddy Milibad and The Boy. Whatever is produced for public entertainment is OK by these people. Behind the scenes, in their swanky and secret clubs for the special few, the mirth rings out as clearly as the tinkling of their champagne flutes. In this unpleasant stroll to slavery for most of us, the elite enjoy their fantasy Gestapo modus operandi. Frau Merkin and Berlin in particular.


  1. Who armed the Taliban in the first place giving them surface to air missals the US. Did they learn any lessons of course not, next off they went into Iraq with B-lair's help messed that country up. Where can they mess up next lets try Libya so they installed Al-Qaeda there. Next Syria no lessons learnt the AL-Qaeda must be sitting around the camp fire laughing how stupid these Western governments are. O yes it they want any of their people in the UK just send them as aslum seekers the taxpayer will then house them and fund them for life while they plan their next attack.

  2. GS, how is it possible our lot are so very dumb?

    1. It is simple really, it comes with breeding, would a farmer breed his worst animals, now stand at the top of your local High St close your eyes and listen, ask what country am I in?. It is something to do with the ethnic engineering for the dumb.

  3. "would a farmer breed his worst animals"
    If he did it would cost him dearly. Hmmmmm............