The despair Of The British nation.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

USA Engineered Socialism.

A Disguised Chasm.

The election in The USA was really a foregone conclusion. The socialist way of gerrymandering has swamped this Nation with Hispanic, Afro Caribbean and Asian mass immigration. The white trailer inhabitants are too ill- made to realise all but where the next giant super mac is to be found. The whole mish mash is an ironic joke on the original, genocidal mass influx of the 17th Century.

The model for occupation is no longer by direct, military force, rather a more economic strategy, with cycles of stick and carrot. As in America, so in Europe. An identical drive to usurp tradition, patriotism, loyalty to birth and inheritance, is no longer permitted the Northern European races. Too divisive, jingoistic and intolerant goes the meme.

In reality the ploy is to consider all immigrants superior in morality to the endemic population. As we witness in the colonisation of North America. Only white appearance is unholy, all else superior and to be favoured with positive discrimination. A real transposition from the Pilgrim Fathers.

So, Obama's less than glowing performance over the last four years were irrelevant. The die was cast when unfettered immigration took hold. However the one historic driving force behind the colonisations, throughout history, has been genocide. In the Balkans, throughout Africa and in particular that horrific crime ridden darling of the left, South Africa, the brutality and bloodshed hovers endlessly.

This whole stupid direction for the human race appears to be a desire of those who hold the levers of power. When they make mistakes they bail each other out and sacrifice the millions unable to find a cohesive cause and direction. That the less than privileged immigrant populations are duped into believing the left has all the answers to their desires, is almost funny. As the right, self determining philosophy for human endeavour sinks without trace, the more vicious nature of the left wing passion for control will become evident.

If the future does belong to the left, it is and already shows the signs of being, Orwellian. Is it now too late for the warnings to be heeded? Maybe because the disciples of the left have shown, by their meek obedience to the cause of free gifts for all mantra, their inability to see that the economic collapse is but another weapon to control them. Just note the automobile vote for Obama. Pure use of State money to dupe and defraud an electorate too dum to see the real plot behind the largesse. Subjugation by stealth.


Mr. Mcgranor said...

The Republicans undermine themselves by claiming that the values of old white men are loosing ground. We have three right-wing populist Third Parties: Libertarian (a hodge podge), Constitution and Reform(they have some commies, that attracted by populist concerns). It seems that so-called white men are still being undermined. This the intent.

Oldrightie said...

You are correct, as ever, Mr M.

Anonymous said...

It's scary isn't it what's happening all over the Western world, immigration encouraged enthusiastically by right-on lefties, and especially New Labour in the UK and socialists in Europe. Will there come a time when the Western world will become third world purely by demographics and then what?

Viscount St Albans said...

I will tell you now it is extremely unlikely Barry Seotoro will last the four years of his Presidency, the Media chose Romney knowing he will lose, Paul was the only viable candidate for America, Trump knows, many know the true history of Barry Dunham and the power behind him,, his birth certificate is hidden in the National Archives at Kew..his Hawaii certificate was for Virginia Sunahara who died shortly after her birth, I fear the worst.

Oldrightie said...

Anon, yes to your final question and then Mad Max.

Oldrightie said...

He's not fit to work in the cane fields, VSA.