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Friday, 16 November 2012

Tough Call.

Voters Use Their Feet!

Thousands and thousands of people turned out to protest heavily the utter incompetent failure of the EU "one size fits all"! As European cities flamed, literally and metaphorically, back in Blighty elections were trumpeted as quietly as possible. The cosy, keep it hush hush, desire to pass the PCC crap off as something people wanted was a messy and "people power" walk out of the system

Already the dinosaurs of the Westminster village and Chatterati are massing to call for enquiries and "something must be done", using the PCC dismal interest as indicative of not enough meddling and self promotional effort. All to quietly ignore that, in a bye election in Manchester Central,"The turnout of 18.16% is believed to be the lowest in a UK parliamentary by-election since World War II.", Auntie Paedo Centre.

Now unlike our Alan Johnstone and Boy Yvette, I'm not certain of the cause of this low turnout but here's a thought. Like the rest of Europe yesterday, The British people were protesting with their feet. Walking out, away, leaving this corrupt and overbearing, banker supporting, criminal hierarchy. Refusing to give it legitimacy as a democratic, trustworthy society and government.

Bloggers have urged this for over a decade. With this vote to not vote, the grip on power is weakened. The hot air and posturing lies, printed and published in manifesto, fictional paperback books, pulp before they leave the presses, become meaningless, as the electorate refuses to play these games of "but you said, he said" musical chairs.

In this environment, no Party can claim victory or support. They become marginalised and weak. Slowly things can then move towards a genuine need to garner proper, educated support from every corner. No longer block Trade Union votes, ghetto electorates, persuaded, cajoled and bullied to vote in donkeys because they have a particular coloured rosette pinned to their pathetic, self serving ears. It also makes fiddling the numbers more difficult!

So when you watch and hear the hand wringing, verbal diarrhoea about to pour forth, stay tuned but only to smile quietly at the barely hidden panic. Then march, not shuffle obediently, away. Here is a peaceful method of peeing from outside in, don't waste it! They just got damp, make it a real soaking next. Enough to drive them from their flimsy palaces of wet canvas and smug sleeping bags. All of them.


  1. The Memsahib and I were both late home from work yesterday but, remembering that she had expressed an interest in voting in this nonsense, I offered chivalrously to chauffeur her to the local hall.

    "I don't know who to vote for", she said, "who are the candidates?" Ought to have known better than to ask old Caratacus ...

    "Well, there's a retired naval fella, seems sound, must have some experience of the Provost and so forth. Usual sprinkling of failed self-serving politicos who are seeking to augment their meagre stipend with a goodly slurp from the public cup of plenty", (here the Memsahib shot me a warning look), "Of course there's always the retired Royal Marine, now a pub landlord, with a face not entirely innocent of all experience and evidently not a stranger to the grape ...". At this point the dear lady wife carefully replaced her handbag in its bed in the hall and strode through to the sitting room. Here, she poured a generous measure of gin, flirted briefly with the whimsy of tonic, decided against, switched on Masterchef and ignored me until I stopped my "usual bloody nonsense".

    I regret to have to report that there was a dereliction of democratic duty in the Caratacus household, and Mrs. May will have to struggle on without our blessing ...

    1. The same, I went to a Kent Freedom Movement organised event at the THREE DAWS PH in Gravesend where honoured guest Dr Judy Wood gave a discourse on the nature of the disappearing Towers on 911, the meeting was packed and so interesting the election went completely out of my head, instead of voting for another layer of bureaucrats I learnt a lot more about the true nature of Man, there is another event next week on Chem-Trails.

    2. H'm, we thought long and hard and then settled down together for the evening. Dobie looked quizzical, shrugged and lay on her back, paws in the air. Then I thought about the handful of people who did go and vote and saw row upon row with their..........

  2. I sure hope the EU is kicked to the curb and they end up in the garbage heap, where they belong.

  3. What a joke at one polling station for Police Farce Commissioner no one turned up. But some good news in todays Mail I see Common Purpose has at last been exposed in the main media.

    1. We, too, have a common purpose, GS. For the common good.