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Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Stench Grows Ever More Unpleasant.

Leveson's Pension Pot Booster.

I guess we bloggers could have written this "common purpose" crap years ago. Note the exoneration of plods in highish places, for one. As for the report, Leveson mouthed his expensive words without one jot of irony or nod to his mate who wrote most of it, Sir, of course, David Bell.

Labour put this core of ghastly and scary bunch in place, at great expense, long before any chance of their losing power came about. The present bunch of young innocents, in temporary power right now, can't see the Wolf, even when nakedly baring its teeth. One thing is certain. Common purpose cares not who signs up to its cause. As long as the goal of world government is pursued, all are welcome if they bring sufficient funds to the table.

For all the idealistic flim flam and façade, money and greed remain the underlying philosophy. Our money, of course. As for Leveson the man. Just another boring, privileged ignoramus, for whom urban street life is just something to be read about. His one aim, as always, will be to protect the "common" cause. Just as The BBC will not reveal the top arses behind Savile. The cover ups are not seen as such by our rulers, anymore. It's all about the "purpose" behind enslavement and subjugation. The only thing they forget is there are far more of us than them. One day that will be shown to them in gory detail.

I'm no lover of a careless press but they are the only protection we have against the rich and powerful. Old Rupe is more of a man to be admired than any politician in my lifetime. Pederasts, Pansies and Poofs United, the lot of them need a good thumping. Just imagine the horror of being buggered by Cyril "mummy's boy" Smith. Let alone all his pals still alive who turned a blind eye then and still do now.

Newspapers were getting too dangerously close to this lot. So Leveson will be one of many nails being prepared to drive home the lid on freedom's casket. 


  1. OR I think you are spot on about the MSM getting a tad too interested in things that don't concern them.
    Not that they found it out with good old fashioned investigative journalism, like we once saw coming from the Sunday Times, in this case they just blundered into it.
    Hence the sudden cobbled together Leveson stable door bolting exercise.
    But the searchlight of discovery needs to be directed north of the border if it is to do any good.

  2. Hi, Bill, thanks for dropping by.