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Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Insatiable Monster.

The Blot On All Our Landscapes.

When I glanced at headlines this morning and saw the words "EU" and collapse, my heart momentarily soared. Only to fall immediately I realised this was just about whether the glutton that is the EU could afford fillet or rump steak this weekend! Maybe just the fillet, for a short time. Some more fiddling of the books and the commencement of the 19th year in which the accounts will still go unsigned, should see a rapid return to caviare and T-Bone.

This trading,  protectionist bloc of wannabe federal Presidents and American style mongrel states, remains a joke. Endemic corruption, self serving bureaucrats with as much understanding of the real world as a dead rat. It is a Teutonic monolith with the age old agenda of Prussian dominance. Be it military or bureaucratic technocratic rule matters little.

Nor does it matter if the ruling powers are child molesters. Our home grown cabals are quick to adopt the belching smoke screens of obfuscation, so beloved of Europe. When an inconvenient truth, such as their accounting embezzlement practices go unsigned, ignore the fact. No debates, no enquiries no bringing to justice, in the immediate sense but delay and spoiling tactics, new committees and years of back turning.

We are seeing the same approach to the UK paedophile accusations. A plethora of activity and hue and cry, complex distractions, law suits and bluster come into play. Behind the scenes in all this will be a different matter. Coercion, threat, bribery and where necessary murder will be employed.

Since the secret services will be staffed by similar characters to Edgar Hoover the top down philosophy of that management will be well practised in protecting their erstwhile paymasters. Sure this will all be carefully suppressed and the victims paid off in the ways I have touched upon but the abuse will remain to be continued. Probably with an even more grotesque insouciant abandon and smirking sadism.

Still, one thing eludes TPTB and that is funding. In the rush to gorge themselves on our penurious taxes they never stopped to think that the grand scheme of world governance might just be unaffordable. Drunk and intoxicated with luxury and power, the secret knowledge and immoral pleasures of the Caligulian debauchery, last seen in the concentration camps, the NWO project seemed invincible. 

Trouble was the drug lords were invited to the table when the money ran short. These newly invited and "honoured" guests have a different rule book. The first golden rule is pay up or else. So I suspect the money demanded from the EU coffers, ours remember, is desperately needed to pay the first tranches of interest to the Mafia bank rollers of banking profligacy. Maybe the collapse of The EU is approaching but we may need our troops back home to "keep our streets safe".

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