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Friday, 2 November 2012

The Greek Tragedy.

Momentarily Averted.

These masks mirror the faces of Rompuy, Barroso and  Martin Bormann Schultz , when a sensible acquittal decision was announced in Greece. The three muleteers were heard to exclaim, "What the f***k are we busting our guts for, for an undemocratic Technocrat culture , when some pathetic little Greek court defies our dictatorial principles?". 

Their expressions of horror also tell us that there just might be a teeny little bit of fear for the potential backlash, by their subjects, were their greed for our last vestiges of wealth be discovered. I was impressed with an American woman's comments, on a brief glance at that left wing QT programme last evening, at the utter and costly lunacy of two Parliamentary buildings many miles apart. This belief beggaring nonsense not only carries on, unabated, with it's own ridiculous and expensive real gravy train but there is little likelihood of it being stopped.

That we have the spectacle of this gorged, obese and cretinous institution demanding, with menaces, an ever larger slice of a very leveraged economic region, would be hilarious if there weren't so many poverty stricken victims. Particularly in Greece. We can only watch this circus forlornly, with a tiny and fast burning out candle of glimmering hope. Or is what ever existed of human spirit, throughout the nations of Europe, already subjugated to the will of this dictatorship? Led by The German reincarnated political classes from the 1930s? After all we were told back then, "Arbeit macht frei", were we not?

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