Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Drought Continues To Bite.

As Ministerial Warning Reverberates Through The Flooded Plains.

Day in day out we are regaled with "experts" and subtle, constant electioneering. Give it a rest. These "experts", who tell us what our climate will do over 50 years, can't even get 50 hours right! Here's another reminder of how much credence we should give our "experts" and commentators. The wisest thing purported to have been  ever said by a politician in my lifetime, "Events dear boy, events". Sh*t happens, we have to live with it best we can. Holier than thou, smug media presentations, do little to help us cope.

Still, if events cost Spelman her undeserved job, it can't be all bad. Now lets hope events wash Labour out of The Kingdom Of Paedophilia  Rotherham.


  1. Don't worry I've worked it out, shit for brains Camoron has deliberately caused these floods creating a major diversion from his pedo investigations and his Common Purpose chums in the shit (mud) at Rotherham, people will not notice those usurpers from UKIP throwing a fuck into him

  2. That Trevor Bishop, I would like to bend him over and pump some sense into him.