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Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Curse Of Snotty.

He Towers Above All, Once More.

With his glaringly lousy gift of creating vehicles from which to rob the Nation. It's the Business Section which produces snippets of our corrupt and disgraceful political and Government decay this morning. Added to that is a further example of the manner in which The EU does business. I guess it was ever thus.

However this claim by Dyson does rather fly in the face of the "holier than thou" attitudes manufactured in Brussels. It also points, as does F1, to the still significant inherent talent for innovation and engineering intellect of The British races. One which, arguably, swayed the outcome of two World wars!

What is a crying shame is that in this globalised, dog eat dog, corporate desire for World Government, allied to a powerful clique of Mammon worshippers,  the likes of Snotty are able to be placed in dangerous positions of power, for which their mental capacities are totally unsuited. 

As each day goes by we are reminded, for we lesser folk, that Gordon Doom and his no more "boom and bust" was spot on. Only thing is, it was the "no more boom" he failed to elaborate, as he flogged off our gold reserves, crucified our pensions and pillaged our tax revenues, to bribe his banker friends and buy election promises. 

As The EU stumbles on, further into the morass of debt and enlargement of its already poverty stricken alliances and Federal bankruptcies, the usual failings of all socialist dogma rear up. Not least the ever yawning Grand Canyon Gulf between rich and poor. Where this will all end, we cannot know. Except that in history such a climate as that which exists today, particularly in Europe, has always ended in major war and devastation. Albeit the latter seems as though it is preceding the former.

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  1. I struggle to understand why Dyson hasn't moved his whole business overseas and away from the clutches of politicians. Perhaps he still feels a certain loyalty to the UK, but after the way he has been treated in the past, I wonder if his loyalty is misplaced.

    1. He has an awful lot of his business abroad, Subrosa and who cam blame him?

  2. Viscount St Albans26 November 2012 at 12:46

    Any man that can devour his own (albeit freshly picked) bogies from his nose in Parliament in full view of the whole world deserves shagging with a pineapple and Dyson please, if you have one little bit of care for us stuck here with no hope of escape at least donate to UKIP.

  3. "at least donate to UKIP."

    Particularly in Rotherham, My Liege!