Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Right And Wrong.

Happy Bedfellows.

This blog author remembers seeing this picture at The Imperial War Museum several years ago. I find it a moving and significant statement as to the futility of war. So few wars have ever been fought for the benefit of people but only ever for the preservation of the wealth of a few.

Most conflicts in history can be traced to greed for land and subjugation. Long forgotten feuds, for which the political and wealthy classes have used subterfuge and trickery to make carnage and disaster somehow a stirring and noble way to march to some golden dawn.

Afghanistan and Iraq spring to mind with that ghastly use of "War on terror" and "keeping our streets safe", self deluding  spin and propaganda. The consequences of which are ever deepening penury, loss of moral authority and the enrichment of the arms dealers. Prominent amongst the latter, Camoron, showing not one jot the awful contradiction of wearing a poppy whilst flogging weapons!

All the fine sounding rhetoric bangs on about "backing Britain" without a seconds thought as to the huge number of arms deployed against the innocents of the world, caught up in the inadequate and childish posturings which sell to "friends" one day and then face their own weaponry the next. 

My "Maxim Gun syndrome" lives on,  as said here so many times. Ere long huge arsenals are to be bequeathed The Taliban which, in turn will aid significantly their Al Qaeda allies. In turn Pakistan's Northern territories will be absorbed and further conflict, now expanded, will drag in a nuclear element. Then carefully manoeuvring in the background, Iran will show its hand to an ever more vulnerable Israel.

So on it goes. Whilst the pathetic, out of his depth, Hague shares a first class seat with the fragrant, stunningly beautiful, intelligent and brilliant ugly failure, that is Baroness Ashton, (the best possible reason for the burqua I know)  The Middle East, carefully guided by that Special Envoy and all round arse, Bliar, continues its centuries old blight on the rest of the World.

All the time the Israelis and Palestinians go head to head, the arms dealers, oil traders and Maxim Gun sales teams go from strength to strength. In reality the suffering of each population is a poor second to the bantam cock posturing of their leaders, heavily supported by monied, not  human, interest. As is probably correct, The Islamic fanatics of Hamas are no more or less stupid than their counterparts in the Israeli leadership.

Though more subtle, the Israeli West bank settlement programme bears little difference to the rocket firing frustrations of The Palestinians. How ironic the bitterness and murder wrought by Irgun is now condemned with innocent expressions of hard done by, decent "we're" just defending our lands. All hiding the continual erosion of any Palestinian right to self rule and a homeland the Israelis, more than anyone, should understand.

I guess all that can be said is that the political failures of history are deemed to be always with us. Right and wrong just convenient words to toss into the PR mix of nasty, unpleasant, "business" first, above all else. The thousands of casualties today and the millions throughout history, are seen purely as collateral damage for the egos and stupidity of those who would be kings. There very ambition a tell tale signal of their own inhuman shortcomings and our unhappy destinies.

As I have also said recently, "Ode to Joy" should be"Song of Misery" as far as The EU and its ridiculous and anachronistic existence goes. As for preaching about the Middle East, it would be better employed dismantling its own future animosities from within, before Europe ends up as yet another ethnic cleansing debacle already seen in its own backyard .


  1. The Jews and Mohammedans are both a never-do-well. I wonder though why do the Arabs--the Christians as well--not get together and launch an adequate attack? Is this the hand of G-d? Could we really be heading for a Judaic Global Government? Is the Judaizing of Protestantism a predestined election? Or a fluke of mans interest? Am i an Amalekite for supporting paricular Mohammedan antagonism against the State of Israel? And wondering why the Protestant faith; especially in a Western context--is null of any anti-Judaic sentiment popularly?
    I also understand the plight of a group that has filled a void in a Europe that has killed itself for equality's concern.

    1. "Judaic Global Government" been with us for two or more centuries, Mr M.

  2. I think the delectable Ashton and the equally gorgeous Herman Van Bumhole should get married and give the world a badly needed source of merriment, so lets lighten up a bit lets hang Blair from the gates of Downing ST, give Nick Griffin the job of Director General of the BBC after all it was him that exposed the Asian Pedo gang problem years ago, open the files on the Dr Kelly murdercide, remove the hundred year ban on the Dunblane papers we have enough to do here without sorting the Arab-Israeli quagmire.