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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Racism Alive And In Power.

Institutional Power.

We'll show you what racism is, Madame. We'll drag you away and make sure you never adopt a child ever again. Black, brown, pink or yellow. Such a woman as you, a member of that UKIP outfit, needs correcting. Worse even than any other non-Labour voting scum.

Positive discrimination, multi-culturism, equality. All euphemisms for dictatorship of the mind. Up gallops Pravda with a "balanced" article of defense. Our leftie clone, Hall didn't waste much time, between gorging on our purse, to crash in with his Nazi cudgel.

It really beggars belief. gangs of Asian men roam our streets raping and humiliating already dysfunctional kids, let down by the right on socialist mantras of Stalinist ethnic cleansing. At the other end of the scale, the rich and powerful press on in the same disgusting and sadistic fashion. Each section of the lowest forms of human behaviour collude and conspire to maintain the perverted destruction of a nation bereft of millions of its best young men and women, through wars meant to prevent such evil holding sway.

God in Heaven but we are paying and suffering for the sins of our Empirical fathers. Our Country sold to the hordes robbed and pillaged by those now preaching multi-cultural existence to protect their ill gotten fortunes from the past. With a dearth of slaves to buy and sell, these parasitic globalists are now set firmly on a course to enslave their own nations and people.

Rotherham's latest piece of utter and despicable behaviour should bring people out in their droves to destroy these creatures of Satan at the ballot box. Since those methods are as every bit compromised by corruption and fiddling, as all else, there can be no protest there which can work. Democracy sure is dead. The undertakers the EU. All we can ever wonder is where will it end? For me, I see only one possible direction unless people wake up soon.

UKIP supporters rounded up in ...........................


  1. Quote from my Uncle Len (circa 1958); "You wait and see, young C, we brought 'em down out of the trees, up out of their bloody mud-huts, give 'em a bit of decent civilization and all we'll get in return is insults and a bloody big bill".

    Now, if we allow for the fact that this was over 50 years ago, and their was more than a hint of the old 'white man's burden' laced through his comments, old Uncle Len was not far wide of the mark. What he didn't expect - and thankfully never lived to see (the depredations of war having severely reduced his allotted span) - was the proliferation of talentless fools in Local Gubmint who seek to grind us all down with their anally retentive obsession with political correctness.

    Hopefully, this time they will have over-reached themselves and will receive a goodly quantity of eggs in their sour-puss faces. And, more importantly, the children in Rotherham who need fostering will be more likely to be placed with loving families no matter what their political preference.

    1. That's very naughty of you Caractacus, you are forgetting that Othelo was black so was Issac Newton and Beethoven, have you not listened to the Mugabe Tabernacle Choir? or the lake Chad Symphony Orchestra?, even the God particle found at Cerne was black, so lets have no more unjustified prejudice from you.

    2. Quite right too, my Lord Viscount.

      However, I would humbly protest that I do not have a racist bone in my body. One of the great loves in my long and eventful life was an Indian lady, now sadly no longer with us, my brother-in-law is Albanian (and all-round good egg) and one of the greatest compliments in my life was to be told, "it ain't fair man, you movin' like a black man" by my black buddy in a karate tournament.

      Of course, that doesn't mean that I won't take the unrelenting piss at every opportunity :-)

  2. Viscount St Albans24 November 2012 at 14:10

    We are aware of the disgusting racist slime known as labour, you may find that Rotherham is run by Common Purpose, try (F.O.I,Act). now that child care of East European children has raised its ugly head you may find that its a great way of relieving the parents ?,? ,of the trouble of caring for them until they are eighteen costing the taxpayer many thousands for each child.this is an increasingly common practice (try F.O.I,act.) These children are victims twice over in this case , one of Political Correctness two , parental neglect, next year 35 million souls from Romania and Bulgaria may seek the protection of the British taxpayer

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  4. The new EU 'defence' force....

  5. There might be a slight chance of Labour being ousted ftom Rotherham because of its pathetic and shameful record but it would then take decades to oust the cabal of Common Purpose child-rape facilitators from from the towns Social Services/Housing/Education depts.