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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Peter, Paul And Mary.

Discussed by this gorgeous young woman, here.

Murder, not suicide is this headline, as Spaniards reflect on the terrible happenings wrought by the EU 
apparatchiks' Ostrich behaviour from their bunker in Brussels. Contrast their meeting,  red carpets and sumptuous luncheon, today with the realities throughout a Continent of disenfranchised millions. Do they even notice, in the comfort blankets of their delusional world ,one of their greatest fears beginning to happen. The storm troopers waking up to the manner of their abuse of orders, lacking the same legitimacy of the Nazis?

By this, I refer to another unpublicised  event in the EU media of the West and in particular the BBC. One factor this EUSSR, just like the USSR, do not control is time. The rush to create an EU army of Turkish majority isn't fast enough. Nor the growth of the EGF. As any regular visitors here know, (I do have some, you know, including Cheltenham!)  is my "bete noire"!

The posturing today is very amusing. A huge argument and debate round a table and in luxurious surroundings, forelock tugging and obsequious fawning. The joke is it's all flim flam on borrowed money. Not one second will be spent on deciding whose picking up the tab for today, let alone the many billions to be found to fund future gatherings.

Of course the robbing, via taxation, of the citizens, the seizing of their property to feed the insatiable demands of banks and loan shark Mafia corporations, will never enter the pea brains of these posturing buffoons. As the marches grow ever more angry and the lust for revenge grows, they might get a mild tingling in their nether regions. Only when they stand like Ceausescu   might they understand. For one, I can see little difference between Barrosso, Rompuy , Schauble  or those who have allowed this state of affairs to become so dangerously similar to the USSR satellites we watched fall just a couple of decades ago.

Listen carefully to the commentary and its references to democracy.


  1. If and when the tumbrils roll in Brussels let's hope it is a proper revolution and not just a palace coup as happened in Romania and which is why there are so many ex-communists enjoying the high life in the EUs corridors and restaurants of power.