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Friday, 30 November 2012


Suppose That...............

For a given number of people a certain number are paedophiles, gay and many downright evil. Does it not follow that the greater numbers in a given place, therefore, the greater those less desirable in creating a caring, decent and above all else manageable society?

So the greater a population the more nastiness and sickness will prevail. Is this why The UK has become the cess pit we have to now endure? More Saviles, Cyrils, Mandys, gangsters, rapists, corporates and crooked politicians?

Just asking. There are many really nice folk as well but probably a minority. Certainly any in power.


  1. I think your argument, while interesting, is flawed - and I have no axe to grind in exposing the flaw - I am as disgusted by the behaviour of our 'betters' quite as much as you are.

    However, if we assume one in a thousand is a rotter, then we can expect one thousand in a million, which is indeed more, but not statistically so.

    Sometimes we have to examine the things we say in order not to make ourselves look foolish.


  2. Yes we drowning in corruption, but wait you have seen nothing yet, Europol have stated that most of the human trafficking in Europe is done by East European Roma and we are going to be taking their own kids into care bigtime and the best news is they will have an absolute right to enter Britain in 2014 millions of them, free to claim health care, social housing and cash, and if they have a large family they go straight to the to top of the waiting list, the real nightmare is just over the Horizon

    1. Dear God, Mona, how much longer do we have left before we've given everything away?

  3. I've spotted the paedo in your pic, he is hiding in the 10:O'Clock pod on the Eye.

  4. "Can you guess what it is yet?"