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Thursday, 8 November 2012

NHS Must Go.

It's A World Abused Health Service.

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When we complain about the state of our Nation, politicians become immediately deaf and blind. Their plans and secrets must be sacrosanct and only their debates considered. If dissent gets too out of hand the standard procedure is to set up an enquiry. Which really means get a crony from the past to "look" into it, at great cost and benefit to said crony. This individual then spends billions of borrowed dosh with which to by a hush blanket with, to smother the argument.

Thus the incredible stupidity of mass immigration to these shores, for political benefit, is ignored. Yet every politician seeking office pretends to listen to the outcry from the "floor" of unwanted hustings debates, without the slightest interest in doing anything to address the appalling consequences of our infrastructure breakdown. One of their making.

However there is always one answer hidden beneath all the obfuscation,  private "investment". Taxation is no longer sufficient to pay for the very things it's meant to pay for. Government machinery is oiled by such a leaky sump, what cash is garnered is quickly lost to the voracious leaks in this ancient machine.

The NHS is a perfect example of the manner of football our stupid classes in power choose to play. Kicking all and sundry from pillar to post, the real attention to the failings all around, caused by their decades in the making inadequacies, are there for all to see. Filthy wards, rogue medical practices,  the junking of the elderly, unwanted and bereft of the family units once fostered but now vilified by politicians. GP's surgeries now the infrequent workplaces of Doctors, so well paid, the job gets in the way of their spending needs and golf handicaps.

A further consequence of the politics of failure is that the overcrowding breeds ever more super bugs. Not only in hospitals but in the slums of our inner city ghettoes. The wretched, more easily prey to sickness and disease. Just as we remember from Dickensian and Victorian times. Those infirmaries of infernal hell are returning for the same reasons they existed before. Overwhelmed by a seething mass of poor, economic migrancy, fooled into believing their voting numbers automatically qualifies for income and money without further effort, our whole infrastructure is no longer creaking. It is bust.

To combat this unaffordable and no longer avoidable bankrupt health service, for all and sundry, from every corner of the globe, private insurance is the only solution. Just as Obummer has created his own future nightmare, so we move toward the old American model. Where the principle of self funded national insurance payment, as a bolt on tax vehicle, might have worked,  we now watch the decades of plundering by Government of that funding, begin to show the inevitable result.

Had we delayed the implementation by five years and established an interim service, whilst funds were built up, ensured a demographic base capable of full employment and full contribution, it might have worked. However the need to repatriate ill gotten wealth, from the Empirical adventures, back into the UK banks of the wealthy, deals were struck. 

Amongst such shady matters was the irresponsible acceptance of mass passport distribution and with it access to the still young and still efficient NHS. Boy, do they mess up, these so called peers of ours. Just look at their now considered solutions to their utter incompetence to govern and manage. A national insurance scheme but run by private institutions.

 If we think the terrible playing God now prevalent in the NHS is horrific, imagine the situation when the elderly are even more of a profit and loss number. Still, maybe if a privatised scheme is managed better than the NHS scandal riven one, we might get to be put to sleep in cleaner surroundings! Even next door to a wealthy, elderly politician


  1. Please get rid of it but wait till I've had my operation for a dropped bollock Dont you understand its the friggin NHS thats been so successful that we have all these grunters lying around taking up bed space, its always been a self defeating exercise, get the young to start smoking, get pissed out of their heads, take drugs, join the army get killed in some hellhole get them to die younger, leave the NHS alone why the fuck do you think all those wonderful enrichers want to come here?

  2. Mona, an NHS designed for circa 40 million could never be expected to cope with double that number and rising.