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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Interminable Decline.

So Which EU Province Is Now Threatened?

Hollande may be seen here at the latest pass the parcel  sorry, finance minister meeting, whispering to Merkin Merkel, (merkin used to indicate how much she covers up so many secrets),  "Don't tell them how broke we Frogs are".  

You will also note the early festive season tree in the background. Probably because the meeting of today is nervous that it may well be a difficult Christmas for the provinces of Europe, burdened by the weight of carrying such a monolithic load these "children" demand of their pocket money contributors.

Cameron is not being allowed to play this pass the parcel game and has been banished, despite much pleading,  to the corner of the room. What is even more galling, Coke-Ed has been permitted to play so long as he doesn't hog the parcel. As for its contents, secret plans to bankrupt every citizen, out in the playground and the winter cold,  for being free to ever again go home to the places they long to re-visit and once loved dearly as their homelands.


  1. Camoron is playing the stage its all an act, Camoron is Punch- Merkel is Judy they bash each other up the kids love it , Farage come on and provide some verbal pornography, Barroso has his hands up all their clouts and they will do as they are told.

    1. I like the Camoron, Septic. Rumour also has it he's more of a playboy than we expected, too!