Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Strange Day.

So Much Happening, So Little Common Sense.

So for, today, I am having a short break, which I hope will not turn visitors away. To this end I offer this beautiful clip from YouTube. I hope those who know it will enjoy and maybe some who don't will gain a new passion!

I have to add how much  I hope Bunni  is having a comfortable weekend. Do try and help if you can. 


  1. It is near on sixty years since I first saw this. And I have a copy of the programme. The beginning of the third act by the Guard Room at the gate was social reality as well as four students slumming it in freezing conditions. There are matinee's at Covent Garden in February and March, and it might be done as a film live.

    1. I'm glad I stirred your memories, Demetrius.