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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

How Many Died, Lord McAlpine?

Or Will Continue To Die?

The Establishment and their "fixers" in Government, the secret services, will be burning the midnight oil just now. Bear in mind TPTB include all of the political machinery and its personnel. Newsnight may well have sought to blacken one side of this festering slice of power in action, during their hatred for the Mrs Thatcher era and desire to minimise their own culpability but it's right across the smorgasbord of our elite's behaviour.

One thing comes to mind and that is that good people rarely can see evil right in their midst. That "naivety" is more likely to be found in most women, than in many men. The Myra Hindley witches are thankfully rare. Although there are those for whom title and wealth are acceptable to hold, whatever the nature or proclivities of the male providers. That famous remark, "what can that beautiful young girl see in that octogenarian multi-billionaire or that despicable sadistic gangster or footballer",  springs to mind.

Now this latest flare up surrounding the widespread and frequently discovered nastiness, at the top of our so called peers, looks as though it may well run as long and I hope, much longer, than the expenses theft by MPs.

 In this terrible scenario unfolding, the torture, murder and abuse, potentially part of this whole nasty use of young children as no more than playthings, is becoming more and more horrific. It is more than possible that names will be discovered and known. That outing these inadequates might become a cathartic necessity,  to put our Country back on a more moralistic track. 

Of course the full might of the spooks battalions may be employed, as likely as in the past they were, to shut a lot of victims up, permanently. How such people can believe their murderous actions are deemed perfectly acceptable for the Nation's good is beyond me. Nevertheless the employment of such powerful secret services, throughout the world, goes on sickeningly all too common.

Here we come to the safety of numbers. If many of the victims of such State driven abuse were to come forward, it might just be possible to stop a long drawn out and repetitive "enquiry" in favour of a more rapid and natural justice in the courts. That's assuming judges involved in these rings can be in the dock and not on the bench.

When this last flared up via the FBI and Operation_Ore,  the incredible manner in which it was closed down was breathtaking. Only the minnows were convicted. As with  Labour's Bryn Estyn. So will the clamour against this Government be supported by the opposition? I doubt it. 

With grateful thanks to a supporter of this blog, I refer you to this explosive link. From there let me quote;

"However, with a Foreign Secretary implicated by his role as the former Welsh Secretary, will the full horrible truth finally come out or will, as suspected, the potential consequences be so incendiary that the cover-up will continue, notwithstanding the facts emerging in a piecemeal fashion?"

I often mention that what TPTB deign to let us in on is as nothing to the secrets they share. I suspect this latest fallout, from the Savile revelations, may prove me right on the secret depths of depravity but also on the manner in which it will all be "managed". In bandying about names like Hague, Portillo, McAlpine, Laud,  I too must be fearful. I point you to my disclaimer below. Also my dismissal from the Adsense programme. Mere coincidence? Maybe. 

One thing which glares out at us is this. These peadophiles are in very powerful walks of life. They probably have connived in murder, torture and unholy, horrific practices. Courted The Krays and their modern day equivalents. Their grip on power through abject fear is awesome. Who is to stop them? How can we be sure of a continual pressure, until so many are convicted, the others will temper their abuse? The media has a role to play and so does the internet. Publish and not be damned.

So there we have it. Those of us casual victims of abuse but less damaged in totality, than the direct victims, can only look on with just a faint glimmer of hope that this piece of thread will get fully unravelled. That many famous names can share shower facilities, with some of their now adult but ravaged victims, shouldn't be but probably is, a pipe dream. With the full might of their placements and secret services, could his come to fruition? Maybe not but it would be wonderful to watch. 

One final point, don't expect Harriet Harman or Patricia Hewitt to lend a hand. Mistresses of cover up.  Not least there relish and giggling about Cyclops's nocturnal habits.


  1. The leverage of exposing widespread paedophilia within the political class, and in other official or influential positions (such as the MSM) would go a long way in explaining how apparently irrational policies are imposed on us:

    EU, population replacement (and look at what preferences are being protected), gay adoption, etc.

    1. Derek, you are far from wrong and a very good point.

  2. The American establishment doesn't tolerate these types of crime as much as in Europe.
    Albeit not against children.

  3. A young boy said to his father, Dad I know what space is, yes son what is it? its the body of GOD,, this boy who called himself Wing Angel is right, and I see the internet as the right hand of GOD. the boy is the son of Patrick Flanagan an American genius,, the blogger sphere can help bring justice into the World and reveal EVIL.

    1. For how long will we have this luxury, Mona?

  4. The thing I see here is a coordinated attack by the TPTB on everything holds to be good and true. Starting with the financial collapse, MP’s expenses, now the BBC and the NHS. This is all, I believe, part of a greater effort at destabilisation before a complete system transformation. A transformation that can only occur during “tectonic” instability. It is not going to be pretty.

  5. Underestimating the influence and level of infiltration within the state by abusers, child or otherwise
    Is the fundamental flaw that proves their own inability to grasp the concept.
    Abusers seek power by finding positions of trust with which they can control their victims, then they proceed to eradicate the self worth of the chosen victims. This does not provide the pay off. The sex is
    Not the reason as to why this happens. The pay off is being in a trusted position, fooling everyone, this gives the individual great sense of potency, when they realize how trusting and naive the great majority of genuinely good people are that s when they embrace wrongdoing and must repeat that behavior.
    It is a high risk behavior, there is a sadistic joy taken by the abuser in manipulating a child, old person,
    Invalid, etc, that damages the victims in ways that last for many years, and have repercussions within
    The lives of those victims. I know all this because I was a victim,whenever the issue of child abuse hits the media it makes me think.
    In the UK many institutions and organizations have been subverted by networks. The sealed info the government holds on Dunblane and any other enquiries held in the past must be published in full or the Country will never know that these soul destroying deviants , protected often by arms of the state have been exposed and removed. Sacrificial offerings will not do. Particularly dead ones.

    1. Anon, a powerful comment and I thank you for it. If you would ever like to develop your comment into a post, here, I would be proud to publish it on your behalf.