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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Fluff And Huff!

As The Danger Increases.......

........for the perpetrators still basking in their luxurious and believed safe havens of power and secrecy, I had expected a powerful Sunday press barrage to resound over the allegations surfacing. Silly old me.  The fear in those eyes above is unlikely to affect the very top of this manky tree of perversion. Just reside with the victims, I suppose.

The power that allowed  paedophiles of earlier decades to flourish and promote the likes of Savile's impunity, remains heavily in charge of the agenda. A juicy diversion, from that most perfect and untouchable moral human being  and former priest, surfaces today suggesting improper exchanges between The Boy Cameron and a very gorgeous red head. So we get a peek at the manner in which the PTB will endeavour to quietly manipulate the paedophile outings from getting to the upper echelons of their persuasion.

I guess I did expect blogs to be the only and sadly less effective, or least powerful, of  vehicles to carry the load of attempting to right so many, many wrongs. Since the media, particularly the BBC, can obfuscate and twist any unsavoury facts from reaching their inner core, yet alone that of government and high finance, we shall have to watch as another  cover up  swings into action.

A swathe of secret meetings in secure "clubs" will abound. Senior media figures will be attending, of course. Strategies will be considered and where necessary blackmail in the guise of "deals" will be founded. The Chris Bryant types, along with other Labour and Gordon Snotty Brown placements in the Civil Service Cabals of child abuse practitioners, will consult the Dunblane engineering blueprints. Use those as a guide as to how to protect the more vulnerable and careless of these ghastly people.

Who knows, perhaps consultants such as Bliar will be drafted in and promised ever more millions to run the campaign of deceit. After all he was the architect credited with solving the last nuclear threat to these monsters' ability to continue abusing children. Perhaps the Yanks blackmailed him into Iraq but for such perverted and twisted individuals, that will have been seen as a price worth paying. As is any price that keeps their abnormal and horrific behaviour not only under wraps but able to flourish into the distant future.

I would love to be proved wrong. However I suspect my intuition will be correct. There are children, as yet unborn, who will fall prey to these practices. How in God's name can we stop them?

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