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Monday, 12 November 2012

Dear God, Please No.

Is This How It Has To Continue To Be?

I knew the perverted and arrogant paedophiles in power would muster their dark and nasty forces to make yet more mayhem and play, with ever greater depravity, with all our senses. Sport and fun it is to these arse holes. Since they populate the very pinnacles of power, murder and disgusting nastiness is just part of their cupboards full of their own stench ridden toys.

The BBC leads the way in daintily poncing around their own heap of, decades old, decaying excrement but Dacre has sanctioned an even darker piece of unpleasantness, in order to continue this sport of, so it would seem, Kings and captains. The Slog reports that Dacre's victim, as if not damaged and cruelly destroyed in childhood, was happily, nay even joyfully, eviscerated by the mincing Dacre's MoS rag. 

Note how John, in his post, uses evidential and solid, written evidence to counter Dacre's pathetic and unpleasant article. If Rupe Murdoch chose rather less and philosophical breaches of editorial code to close a paper, can we, here in the blogosphere not do the same for this shameful destruction of a wounded man? 

Of course the target of Dacre's viciousness is and was so badly injured, Dacre had little qualm for his own personal comfort in going after him.  I wonder how many cronies, from Downing Street downwards, urged on this despicable assassination . One, God forbid,  which hasn't cost Steve Messham his life or the remains of his sanity. One thing we out here can do is to place Steve's name in the history books as a man who might yet save thousands of others from a similar terrible ordeal and trauma.

As for Cameronmorallytesticlebereft, why didn't he order Steve Messham to be protected? Or did the spineless creep do a Pontius Pilate ablution and retire to his club? What is Government for, for f***s sake? Oh silly me, grand illegal warmongering and metaphorically and literally buggering its citizens senseless. The weapons of choice police hierarchy peerages, secret service head honchos' delectation and secret  perambulating with inconvenient truth tellers.

For all their spy cameras, GCHQ snooping palaces and  Privy Council backslapping our leaders are wrapped in the most appalling robes made of the very skin of our innocents, young and old. How the likes of any of them, particularly those Labour,Harman types, can regard themselves as better than the flies eating the waste matter of those better than they can ever be, escapes me. 

Dunblane was every bit as dreadful that now trying to surface above the cess pit and pigswill of those in power. Not, as yet, one really powerful move by MPs to root out this diseased core amongst their ranks. Until they do something really firmly, it will get ever worse. One possibility would be to sweep away the three main party placements in Thursday's Police Commissioner Elections. How many paedophiles will be amongst that unholy list of graspers, I wonder.

What I must say, if this is Rupe's revenge, it's one hell of a doolally but why wait until now, Rupe? Whatever that reason, we could, love or hate him, use his clout, right now. Pray for poor Steve Messham and support him with all our cyber might, please.


  1. Now you know the real reason why they put people in prison for owning a gun,, we would shoot the bastards.

  2. "Not, as yet, one really powerful move by MPs to root out this diseased core amongst their ranks. Until they do something really firmly, it will get ever worse."

    Pray tell me OR, who's going to remove the paedophiles from society? When one realises that those individuals are infact part of the 'elite club' of who's running the world, how does one go about doing it?

    You WILL NOT and I repeat WILL NOT remove these evil individuals from power. They control the banks, governments, the MSM, the educational establishments, the police and the judiciary. All are overwhelmingly connected through freemasonry and live outside of the law.

    If one is removed, it's simply because he/she's agreed to or is taken out by another psychopath more powerful. I really wish people would sit down and think first. Everyone is waiting for someone else to sort the problems out within society. It's always someone else's problem. And this is how our society works today. People have been brainwashed into following football (sport), celebrity, TV and Hollywood. This is their life. The overwhelming majority have lost any ability to think for themselves and their opinion comes straight from the newspapers they read and TV personalities they watch on the television.


    And those who DO GIVE A SHIT are far too small to make any dent within the system, simply because it would require a huge sacrifice by them and considering most have families, a brick wall is instantly hit in their endeavours.

    Now if some people actually started sacrificing their lives, like suicide bombers in the middle east and taking out huge swathes of the establishment on a daily basis, removing 'untouchables' on a permanent basis from society, then we would start to see massive change within the way things are run. However, that won't happen simply because the police would arrest anyone at the slightest inkling of any attack on the elites.

    Paedophilia will be an accepted practice within society within 20 years. Very probably much sooner. You can't win. I sound negative but I'm right, unless, like I said, the plan in the paragraph above comes into fruition and the psychopathic elites who press the buttons start falling like ten pin bowling skittles daily, all around the world.