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Monday, 19 November 2012

Chaos Theory.

More Than Coincidence.

It would seen The Boy's time in the job has done little to enhance his reputation as a guy devoid of little more than now rusty, tired and if ever of any use, past their PR sell by date, PR part time studies. To have taken into his already confused fold, the  "Wizard of OZ",  is yet another glaring error of judgement which this out of his depth PM continues to display.

The public shunning of his PCC and all but one of three by-elections last week, are quickly set aside, the protest ignored. So much for listening. That's not all, naturally. Today's politics are the exact opposite of the sanbiki no saru. See no good, speak no good, do no good. Those question marks in the picture show the utter failure of this political class, all of them, to answer questions.

Such as, how do you intend to bring paedophiles in high places, past and present to book?

Why do you and Armenian Coke-ED,  together with EU pensioner,  Cleggy, cling to a dismal idea now totally discredited, broke and an unmitigated disaster for the people of Europe?

Why do you still shield Corporations taking the piss out of you and the rest of us, paying more in political donations than they do in tax? Whoops, answered that one for you.

Why is "Common Purpose" allowed to exist and receive back door funding from the public and have Bell ready to "persuade" Leveson to do "the right thing".

You, my visitors, can add many more questions, I'm sure. Just don't expect answers. This thing from Coke-Ed this morning. You can just see the Spads from all three parties enjoying an expensive evening, at our expense, working on this drivel, to be spouted by their fellow EU apparatchik. They might even have debated which one of them was to deliver this crap and when ED pipes up, "Well I've got this CBI thing coming up", the rest of them chorus, "Perfect, fellow interested parties in the corporate desire to grow into government by trade, stealth and greed".

Then, now feeling really clever they go on to discuss further suppression of the potentially dangerous paedophile exposés. Gaza regarded as a godsend of a distraction plus a whole army of spooks and Whitehall masters of obfuscation, coupled and armed with how previous "embarrassments" were "managed". All of this very expensive machinery is trotted out. Note not one penny gets to be spent on the poor, many thousands of blighted, lives, still petrified to speak of their unspeakable abuse.

Don't take my word for it, pop over to John's place.  One of so very few voices, still allowed,  how long for we cannot know, to try and speak for the little people. The very same people who humiliated the political class last week. Lord of The Pies being one of them. Every visitor to blogs trying to pressure for decency and change for the better, are a help. Even our enemies to freedom, the, mostly State driven lackies. Shame on all their houses.


  1. Camoron is a Common Purpose graduate, Lord of the Blowflies is not although Julia Middleton ran it from his office, he was found to be to thick to understand the principles of Hegelian dialectic and actually thought that Canute held back the tide Camoron although full of bullshit can speak with a better accent so the plebs believe him, Prescott will never be a Lord all the time he has a hole up his arse

    1. Ergo, VR, the man who held the job of DPM was thick as pig manure. Bit like the present one, really.

  2. Replies
    1. It is James. Trouble is it's a circus which devours its audience.