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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Pay But No Perks.

Our lifetime's tax contributions once were sufficient to allow us to have purchased health service treatments for whatever life style choices we made. Additionally, those of us who worked in excess of 40 years, kept fit and demanded least of such treatments, allowed the feckless minorities to also have their excesses and subsequent self inflicted harm given attention.

However, as politicians embarked on a massive and rapid increase in population, through whatever self interest motives were dreamt up, via immigration, or more accurately unsustainable mass influx, the die was cast for unsustainable health structures. Even more ridiculous, in the face of further utterly crass failure of government by sense, we now learn of this utter stupidity. Even if only slightly true it would typify the pathetic promotion of EU and government contradictory sleights of hand.

For example we get a daily dose of preaching of the dangers related to smoking and now turned on the mass lecturing and hectoring of booze and its associated health issues. What comes as a big surprise is the total lack of any nagging on the use of "recreational" drugs. There, I suspect, the drug money happily accepted to save the Banking, corrupt system, carries more severe and sudden consequences, if gainsaid. As we are now witnessing in Mexico courage, such as this beautiful woman's, does not exist in Europe. Only graft and paedophilia.

Now let us consider this constant daily dose of lecturing about how we live our lives. The main factor is the strain on already broken infrastructures and The NHS in particular. Living longer is also a condition frowned upon by those who would be Kings, since that is also seen as a burden on resources. The Liverpool Pathway, regarded as a prototype exercise in how to reduce that specific pressure.

As for fags and booze. This is about younger, required labour force, chattel. An ideal solution is a constant supply of workers, not allowed, or priced out of  recreational pleasures which may then be encouraged for those over 50 years of age, to accelerate mortality and save money on expensive geriatric care. Whatever the blue sky thinking, trust me, we do not figure as human beings.

So, as many predicted, the nanny state, disregarding the element of self funding of any consequences, expensive cigarette smoking offered, now seek to misappropriate the already massive duty levied on alcohol. Except in Westminster or for bloated EU Commissioners, of course.

When all is said and done, there was a time when we were allowed to live as we chose. Not anymore. The total failure of mass population explosion and unsustainable demand, has got us to a stage when just pure existence is a nuisance for those who decided they were to run the show and fiddle manage the books. Since these same people targeted anything people enjoy, to hammer with duty and tax but still can't cook the books enough to pay our way, the new mantra is draconian punishment.

I guess the dangers and health related costs of unwanted  pregnancies will soon lead to the Orwellian forecast of licenses for sexual activity. Plus the need to also ensure the birth of healthy, non medical care demanding infants, perfectly formed, to place in the shop window of social service approved adoption store windows. Is this so far away? After all taxes and duties levied on fags, booze and motoring are not used to run support for those activities. Rather for the benefit of a constant, worldwide demand, from endless queues in French Channel Ports, for a slice of our tax take and borrowing commitments.

Six to ten million unemployed, housing shortages, infrastructure collapse and twenty million plus immigrants, over circa fifty years and masses more on the way. Not very difficult arithmetic, is it? At every turn all we see is a colossal failure of Government. Yet tomorrow I doubt the voters of Rotherham will do more than vote for more of the same. For any vote for the three main parties is little more than a rubber stamp for more and more decline and cost/tax explosion. Explosions we vote to pay for. Turkeys really do vote for Christmas, in the main.

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  1. Viscount St Albans29 November 2012 at 17:47

    I wait with baited breath, I have predicted that UKIP will beat the Conservatives at Rotherham,and that the Common Purpose Stasi running the Council are now exposed, the immigrant children there will be their Nemisis. For Common Purpose, they still hide behind the trade name Labour but are part of the NWO project.