Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

As Expected.

Nicely Kicked Into Touch.

The British concerns.........

1. Get me out of here, banal, repetitive crap. 

2. EastEnders, Emmerdale and every other pathetic plot by numbers.

3. Benefit cheques.

4. Booze and drugs.

5. Bad and promiscuous, soulless, fumbling sex.

6. Supermarket rubbish food.

7. Fast food with gallons of saturated fat and rendered animal gloup.

9. Hatred of next door neighbours.

10. Football billionaires, at their own fans' pathetic expense.

The list is endless. Not on the list.........

Child abuse.

Caring for others.

Seeking a better world.

Voting to get rid of shit Governments.

Awareness of how much theft from them is done by The EU.

Getting off their fat arses to do anything worthwhile than just their inflated and delusional opinions of their own importance.

No wonder the TPTB don't give a flying f**k, except until vote rigging is automatic and the sheeple no longer required to pretend to vote.


  1. Hi OR! Peoples priorities are sure out of wack.

    Hey, I want to tell you something, comment on my blog so your email shows up and I can write you.
    Bye, Bunni

  2. Nicely summed up OR. There are times when it all seems overwhelming ... I suppose that it behoves those of us who can see through the fog to continue the fight. I don't know about you, but when I get up with the familiar crackle of bones (think musketry at close quarters) and then do a quick inventory to see that everything is still approximately in place and where I left it yesterday, I think to myself, "I'm getting a bit bloody old for all this".

    Someone once said, "Who must do the difficult things? Those who can". There are times when I wish I hadn't heard that .. but it can't be unheard. *sigh*

    1. We seek to smile calmly as we breathe our last, Buddy.

  3. I suggest Thermo-nuclear war, let the jellyfish start again.

  4. Perfectly summed up OR. There is a vision I can never get out of my head that are analogies for this.

    The first is a scene from the Poseidon Adventure. The ship has gone over and Gene Hackman's character is in what's left of the ballroom, screaming at everyone that they cannot just sit there because of what's coming. Whilst 6 or 8 will go with him, everyone else just continues to sit there looking at Hackman like he has two heads. They sit there unwilling to shift, despite what they can see around them. That feels like the effect I'm having whilst blogging.

    On the banality of everything else, I find it so nauseating it's untrue. There is something that truly makes me want to vomit at the sheer lack of depth in what has become modern life. It's the cr*p that matters to them and fills their every waking hour that gets me. You only have to go to the comments section of online newspapers, to see that the contribution to the dross stories far outweighs that to something even vaguely meaningful.

    The stench of it all fills the air.

    1. RB, I remember that scene well, dumb asses, as the Yanks would say!