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Friday, 26 October 2012

What Experts?

Are They Really?

As a retired aviator and air traffic controller with a 43 year working life in aviation, I still have never regarded myself as an expert. More an experienced individual in my field with an awareness of a subject that might, on occasion, be useful or even worthy of consideration. Indeed I am the fortunate receiver of monetary consideration for those very capabilities. Sure, ones others could do but fate and circumstances have made me fortunate, in this instance.

So I also feel, that when I make observations of our political and powerful classes, whatever their field of perceived expertise, if any, I do so with an air of consideration. So I look at Cabinet Ministers flitting from post to post or taking on the mantle of "expert", with some foreboding as to their knowledge, talent or experience in matters they claim to be expert on virtually overnight.

Two major areas, in particular, stand out every single second of every "news" broadcast. The worst culprits being the BBC. Second rate minds, confusing education with intelligence, interview each other with a smug "aren't we lucky on our big fat salaries for nothing" smirking air of expertise. The boringly samey body language, the gestures learnt at seminars and training courses, run by so called "experts". People whose claim to that mantle is often they were never found out. These same shadowy coaches are also brought in to teach politicians the art of TV presentational techniques, even though they may, as often as not, be devoid of any real personality and character.

Consider Testicle Ed's lying  disasters yesterday.  Just look at that typical "expert" politicians pathetic ignorance and marvel at how such useless pillocks ever get to play with our lives as if they are "experts". Well, in destroying lives, presiding over illegal wars and the deaths of hundreds of soldiers and creating the biggest boom and bust in the history of mankind, sure. Probably the greatest experts ever, if that is the measure of their incompetence. Not exactly human error as seen in accidents, which happen in a flash and could happen to anyone.

Then there are the economic "experts". These people are trotted out from all over. People from banks or commerce, industry and even sport. Regardless that when, often, recent history has shown their total lack of any expertise, such as the financial crash, with over borrowing stupidity, greed and excess being somehow unidentified. The "experts" pontificate with such certainty that they know what the f**k they are talking about.

What is even worse than the inadequacy of those pretences is the gullibility of millions who accept the cant and ignorance as fact. Of such gullibility is the success of the pathetic cretins who rise to unwarranted eminence. You only have to look at Rompuy to see how pretend expertise puts bureaucratic and inexperienced mice in charge. The opposite of the Rompuy demeanour, in the hall of fame for pretend experts, is the bullying, up front challenging, posturing one. This method of pretend expertise is favoured by the likes of Barosso and Merkel. 

Note this to the fore when Nigel Farage has the floor in the EU den of thieving  experts . The rude and nasty fidgeting by those experts in nastiness. We really do need to question the label expert when it is so often just a way of deceiving us into believing the crass distortions fed us from every walk of life. 

Note how rarely real experts get to be interviewed. You see, those genuine experts are too busy or too controversial, to be used, to give us factual observation. We have to have the "experts" chosen for us. Whatever the subject, pet people are required. In my own area of experience, not necessarily expertise, we frequently get an individual trotted out in the shape of  a Mr David Learmount. His "experience" of civil jet flying is zero but he has a modicum of military experience. Right place, right time, I guess but his major success is as a commentator and journalist, not as a civil airline pilot. That doesn't stop the media from worshipping his every utterance in the same manner their own journalists are given the reverence of expert, so rarely, truly, deserved.

Well, rant over. All I ask is that we look more critically at this label "expert" and be more circumspect at their analysis when so very often they get it spectacularly wrong then lie about what was said from beneath their expert's hat! Ask our Testicle Hero after yesterday. A pretend expert shot down. A very rare event sadly. 

Still, we do know that the Civil Service is full of real and competent experts, managing our Nation with dexterity and aplomb as only true expertise and brilliance can. Top jobs for top experts. A BBC staffed with expertise in every fibre of its being. Even paedophilia! 

Our lives and our children's  future safe in the hands of skilled and superb personnel whose rise to eminence is powerfully backed by their experience and expertise, ably twinned with that of our political masters. Men and women steeped in the expertise of backstabbing career politics, life experience and the sheer ability to bugger us and each other senseless! 

Finally, let me offer you a comparison. David Attenborough with the likes of Paddy Pantsdown and other frousty political has beens. I regard one with the utmost respect, the others with contemptuous wonder as to their qualifications to even exist. If only more like David Attenborough ran our nation in their dotage. Such intelligence and experience makes a real expert. Look what we get instead.

An instant economic whizz kid!


  1. So our Leader uses the word "Bull- Shit" in an interview with Rolling Stone! Really Presidential isn't he!

    I guess he wanted to fit right in with the Rappers! Well he did!

  2. Does Attenborough not believe in the global warming scam ? The biggest disaster to befall the West and one that will take us all back to the stone age. I wouldn't want him in charge of a whelks stall.

    1. Bob, he believes there are too many people in Britain, though. His AGW thinking is more pollution orientated than politically motivated, too.

    2. Sadly not. He went in the huff when the US dropped the final episode of his fake 'frozen planet' series. It stretched the global warming myth too far even for the yanks. The man is a menace.

    3. Bob, I'd take you over him any day!

  3. Speaking as an expert, I once had a trip to Dublin in a DC3, it is my view that aircraft are tricky things and it would be much safer is they stayed on the ground with special roadway systems provided.