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Thursday, 25 October 2012


And Sick Of Trying.........

We no longer can match this passion for our own lands.

The sheer horror of Afghanistan and the billions and billions wasted are thrown into a brief spotlight as yet more troops are sacrificed to the grasping and immoral greed of the West's arms dealers and their Political, bought out friends in high places. Whatever the issues surrounding how these people live and fight, we have no place being there.

These people have fought for their homelands for centuries. If they made as good a trading partner and friend  as they do freedom fighters we would be quids in as allies not occupiers. I appreciate the bleeding hearts of our political establishment over the apparent misogynistic mores and the less than acceptable culture, TO THE WEST, but how that justifies the endless killing on all sides is beyond me.

Even our least able Jeremy Kyle drudges know this is a lost cause. Yet the seemingly finest in the land are clueless. Other  than ensuring the abject poverty of our Country, to service the arms dealers, corrupt Afghan Government and feather the chosen ones' nests, we lurch from disaster to disaster.

The petty squabbles and effete posturing in Westminster goes endlessly and pointlessly on, whilst those with real clout and even more despicable attitudes than The Taliban, blithely and smugly continue their undemocratic war from Brussels. A war to enslave a whole Continent. One led by the most uninspiring yet vindictive bureaucrats such as Rompuy and Barosso. two men little realising they are purely puppets in the Merkel grand design.

If anybody really wished to win an election they would get out of Afghanistan and befriend The Taliban. Get out of The EU and befriend the big wide world. Scrap the Trident unnecessary and unaffordable debt and all in all concentrate on making The UK, or a new Tri-Nation British Kingdom, a small but economically viable and proud powerhouse. Don't tell me we it couldn't be done.

Everybody said we couldn't defend our shores in 1940. Of course we had patriots back then. People prepared to sacrifice everything for their country, their beliefs, their grandchildren and their hopes. They had real leaders with the courage to stand down when wrong, admit mistakes and fight tooth and nail to rectify them. Rather like the Taliban when you think about it.


  1. The chosen ones are damn good at compromising their minions in power(sic).

  2. Meanwhile another young woman will be returned to Northern Ireland, dead, on account of this farcical war in Afghanistan.
    It makes me sick to the pit of my stomach

    1. The death of our troops is of little matter to Boy Dave of Milibad. Collateral damage in their self seeking world. Generation Militaire says some home truths in the clip to the right.

  3. Viscount St Albans25 October 2012 at 20:22

    Britain is a paradise for the excrement Mundi, the shittery this country has become is quite simple,the cause "CORRUPTION" the way back is the arrest and execution of Blair the Godfather of corruption and treason the master liar his presence on this earth is a defilement. The dead of Iraq, Afganistan can be laid firmly at his feet. The beast here is now rotting at the head, BBC, ACPO, Downing ST, Lib LAB CON the shit has started to ooze out

  4. VSA, I love your fire and anger but would argue that Bliar was but a symptom of the disease. Just another mess on the floor they defile so much. Our world is now run by gangsters. The politicians are their hit men.

  5. Viscount St Albans26 October 2012 at 13:41

    Thank you for your comment,Blair is a disease in his own right, I believe it was Ban Ki-Moon Director General of the United Nations was quoted as saying Blair could have prevented Bush from invading Iraq if he had told him quite clearly that is was illegal and Britain could not break International Law, a million people here demonstrated against this intended crime they were ignored. That "straight kinda guy" is a classic political psychopath, Iraq was simply a pathway to perceived greatness and wealth, our social and moral values appear to have been damaged almost beyond repair by the Blair years of corrupt government

  6. I very much agree and wish he'd pay his own security bills. There are plenty out there would like a pop at the nasty slime-ball.