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Monday, 22 October 2012

UK Policing And Elections!

EU Agenda.

We are soon to watch another election pantomime, which is going ever further down the road of ensuring our police forces are wholly arms of the political establishment. Just today further archive, anecdotal representation is being made, harping back to the miners' blackmailing of the nation in the seventies and eighties. Naturally this is to open old rivalries and underpin the stupidity of class war nastiness, so beloved of
Labour, in order to bolster their Police Commissioner candidates.

Not that I'm any fan of The Tory use of policing and the ease with which this Government has made kettling a usable, brutal restriction of freedom. My point is that the automatic knighthoods and peerages doled out to senior police officers has always permitted the individuals to rig criticism and play the career advancement role, before any sense of duty to the public. Each political party goes along with these games and gongs. Just watch the speed with which the new guys get elevated. Mind you, Lord of The Pies would have to be deified to go any higher.

So to entrench this politicisation ever deeper we have the unedifying spectacle of highly lucrative Commissioner jobs for the boys. Those such as Lord of The Pies, Slob Adulterer, Prescott in the frame. Once latched to the teat of tax the payers' very bruised breast, letting go of the notoriety celebrity and riches comes hard, eh, Lardy? Up and down the Welsh valleys, the hills of Ulster and the rolling pastures and cities of England our police forces are to be made accountable to political party representatives.

It will be the usual tri-party split. Inner cities will be Asian ,  with a police force tied to the ethnic first, endemic second, principles of law and disorder. The rural areas will be split with Lib-Dum weaklings at the mercy of the breeze and the few, if any, Tory Commissioners, pretending to draconian law and order, Blairite "tough on crime" front of camera platitudes, whilst dining lavishly with Chief Constables on a regular basis. Which of course, they all will.

Now were we to have an intelligent and sensible electorate this opportunity to put in independent Commissioners, free of that curse that is the modern political party, enslaved to the will of Brussels, we could really make a statement. of course this won't happen. The real agenda will slowly evolve as Commissioners yield more and more power to The EU and it's dream of a Federal Police Force.

How will this come about? Easy. The EU will introduce "payments" to subsidise Commissioners'  budgets. Offer personnel at cheap rates, to join these new regimes. Indeed suggest that various areas willingly accept outside help in the form of  EGF troops, police. Trawl that site with a careful watch on that subtle mood music language, which hides very sinister intent. Note also the the Turkish Observers. and the emphasis on their military capabilities.  The EU are brilliant at the long game.

Note this phrase, "Operational, pre-organized, robust and rapidly deployable"  force contributing to the European Security and Defence Policy.....". A remit of sweeping powers, in reality. This whole exercise in the UK is allied to this hidden policy to create an EU force subordinate only to The Brussels machine. 

This same creeping take over of forces, all over Europe, is reflected in the armed forces' reductions and the desire to have only a majority of part time troops. More easily dismissed as the multi-national, unaccountable quasi military take over our streets, in the guise of policemen and women. You won't see many demonstrations thereafter, unless orchestrated to show weeping solidarity, for a few yen, to "Our great leaders"! 

Slow them down and vote Independent, I say. For example the West Mercia  list is a Tory fat cat, a Labour ex MEP, (no coincidence, that, a much fatter pay cheque, too, than even the EU gravy boat) and a retired ex policeman, business man and INDEPENDENT of the mainstream clowns. For Oldrightie, a no brainer. Why not go the same way, if you can. For example, in Hull, you could go Independent, UKIP or indeed anybody but a failed, flawed and nasty bully. We can but hope.


  1. Viscount St Albans22 October 2012 at 14:38

    The Founding father, or as you might say the spawn of Satan was a Pole called Joseph Rettinger and the founder of the Bilderberger Group, it goes above EU shite for the intended enslavement of Europe, forget the police its ACPO the Common Purpose right arm that we should fear.

    1. Anything remotely EU, VSA, I fear is designed to hand the British nation to Brussels. Lock, stock and barrel.

  2. I'm voting for an Independent, hopefully Eng Dem or UKIP, although up to press I've no idea who it will be as I don't even know who is standing!
    Regarding the EU, just think about it, how lucky are places like the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand who make their own laws and rules and have no stupid Human Rights rubbish etc forced on them. How the hell has it got this bad and why do we put up with it? Why don't the labourites protest about this instead of all the "cuts" rubbish.

    1. It got this bad because British turkeys always vote for Christmas.

    2. We can but hope to rescue a few birds, Mona.

    3. Anon, it got this bad because of the traitors in our Government and their Mandarin class.