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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Torn Today.

Betwixt BBC Peado Power And EADS, BAE, Unification.

So in the way of OR, I'll link them both. Savile was an evil, very nasty, arrogant, drug addled pervert. Those who basked in his reflected but distorted, glory, were as guilty of abuse as the pathetic, inadequate shit himself. (Gotty's influence, with thanks, not apology)  Of  course, just as with Hamilton in Dunblane, the serial and predatory abuse cannot continue unchecked without the compliance of either similar predilections  or a degree of commercial interest in staying stum. Stated clearly here.

I lost a daughter to the cunning and incredible way such evil minds manipulate and control. Minds, damaged through God knows what, yet able to function like Savile for decades. An arrogance grows, as their extreme behaviour lurches from one bored failure to stimulate their inadequacies, to the next. Momentary control and perversion pales as victims fail to satisfy the lust for ever more extreme exposure to the very core of evil in their depraved existence.

As we stroll through life, all around us these people smugly strut their secrets with aplomb. They pick up peerages and wealth to share with those like minded at the top. Mandleson, Snotty Brown, George Robertson and so forth. Dunblane was probably the closest these bastards ever got to discovery. It is likely Bliar's Iraq intervention allowed so much of that danger to dissipate and for Mandleson's coterie of cess pool bathers to survive and prosper.

Unlike homosexual dalliances, paedophilia still, though under pressure to be reduced in horror, remains a career and wealth reducing threat to the top echelons. The powerful use of all of us, in varying degrees, to satiate their nastiness and behaviour, abhorrent to any decent human being, still is big business for the suppliers. Remember Berlusconi and his "special" parties? Tip of the, not iceberg, more gates of Hades.

Now where huge money, power and control over the weak is concerned, big business, politics and gangsters have a massive sway. Savile and his BBC cohorts are but the bottom feeders by comparison. The big boys are playing with global domination. Giant corporations unanswerable to all but themselves. For these Gods in their own eyes, all is for they and they alone.

Such men as that Clown Cameron and the last lot, who got to play for 13 years with the "big boys", all envying the seemingly bigger dicks than their own are just exploited idiots by the real players. They are the bankers and infiltrators. The all powerful types such as Cabinet Secretary Heywood. Now here's a really big Dick. Probably used to sit on Jimmy's knee. Or at least someone who fixed it for him. Another untouchable.

OK, it's the way of the world. Nevertheless it does tend to show why so many Empires fall. Biblical scenes are constantly repeated and we, in 2012, are facing our own Sodom, (Mandleson?) and Gomorrah (BBC). All we poor plebs have left is our own preparedness to remain caring, honest and decent, as best we can.

After all most of us are able to sleep at night. I pray the likes of those embroiled in the utter evil of EU corruption and gangster brutality, can't. It's about the least we can hope for as BAE and the final vestiges of our Nation are swallowed up by the economic war we are so badly losing. A war waged in revenge for our defeat of the military and criminal occupations of the past.

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