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Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Nastiness Of Abuse.

The Modern Ways.


Am I alone in finding these two as creepy as each other? Furthermore am I the only one who believes this mantra of a" period culture" allowed such creepy types to prosper then and not just as easily today? It's not the "period" but the organisation and its members at the top, if not throughout, such ghastly enterprises, which just mirror the endemic nature of our world today.

Clarinda questioned in a comment from yesterday as to why the "shysters" of the MSM allow these puerile events and people to go virtually untouched. Yet when we hear of the carpet sweeping going on, the closing of ranks, the swirl of intrigue and cover up, where can we get the real searchlights to allow us to show up these naked, undressed "Emperors"?

Well one of these two mug shots show a perverted kiddy fiddler and groper, the other a portrait of one with at least the latter predilection,  if not the former, but how can we know?  Marr was aping the abuse his position with a junior member of staff, just as Prescott did on the way to his peerage. Certainly I expect The BBC top echelon, who have built this edifice to nastiness that is our National Broadcaster, to be seeking "spiritual" counsel from the Vatican experts at damage limitation.

Now, as I am often minded to do, I like to offer what, at first seems an unconnected musing but what in reality is connected. Male behaviour towards the opposite sex is more often than not, gross. It saddens me that those of us with a more balanced manner of interaction, deferential lust and admiration for our life with the fairer and more fragrant sex, are lumped with the misogynous bullies and inadequate manners beloved of the rubbish attitudes many  males are more prone to seek.

My link to the modern crassness of our creepy modern society is that of the political and establishment example. This ridiculous Nobel Prize idiocy is but one. The slavish purveyors of propaganda, that are the MSM and BBC cretinous bunch, have so little to do, in questioning the evil done in our name,  they set off to mimic what is shown by their masters. 

So any real weapon of exposure is denied us. That the victims of these criminal minds have come forward, where Savile is concerned, does not  help those traumatised and reduced to lives of weak vulnerability. The same goes for that significant political failure in clamping down on child and prostitution trafficking, allied to their gangster friends in the drug cartels. Gangs for example now the cream of Mexican society.

There is a master plan to enslave us all. It is very entrenched. Already our peaceful Marches are being softened up for mass immigration to be inflicted in these beautiful towns and villages. The vanguard is that of our old pals, the supermarkets. Again you might think what the hell is the connection. Easy, money and greed trumps all else. The lives of children are no longer precious, the police top echelon full of corrupt arrogance and above all else the political machinery. All complicit in developing ever larger shovels with which to bury us all under the excrement they decide is our lot.

One such massive implement s the EU. This organisation is little more than a very large version of the BBC. Both use our labour and tax revenue to pursue, not only Governmental ambitions but personal ones. Their belief is that once ensconced in the corridors and cupboards of power, all is available. Including kids on demand. You see "Jim'll fix it",  or Blair, in this instance.  What the hell can we do?


  1. Viscount St Albans14 October 2012 at 22:00

    The Police are at the top of real conspiracy pile notice how they are having pretend hysteria over the PLEB affair to take the Hillsborough report out of the spotlight,, almost every week a new scandal breaks be it mass rape of young white girls by Muslims or helping the Murdoc's the police through dereliction of duty or political expediency have some involvement,, some idiot says something offensive he's nicked,,but turn a blind eye to high profile offenders.

    1. Spot on VSA.

      They are almost certainly complicit in some of the even more unsavoury aspects of this appalling matter than has been hitherto revealed. Mention the word 'Kincora' to any retired Northern Ireland copper and watch his eyes.

      Many serving and former MPs and ministers of the crown will also be experiencing the familiar 'sixpence, half-crown, dustbin-lid' syndrome too...

    2. I believe the upper echelons of all our public services are venal and corrupt. Their example then filters down through the ranks of nursing staff, police constables and pen pushers.

  2. As young teens (1970's) some of we lads had part-time jobs in the local branch of a Major National News Vendor.
    The Assistant Manager was a rampant (his word) Queen type pervert who stole stock, particilary fags, from the store-room.

    He used these stolen goods, in part, to lure his favorites among us to his crappy flat. We all (I was not invited, perhaps damaging my self esteem) knew what was expected.