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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Constipation Of Democracy.

How We Need A Dose Of Sennecot.

These turds and as John points out, there are many thousands of them, are an infestation that has blighted all our lives. They grew into huge colonies of parasitic blood suckers. They have created unholy and stench ridden nests such as the EU and filth laden Quango burrows. 

In their rapacious gluttony they have devoured all that was alright- OK- worked well. They have swallowed and swallow every drop of our economic plasma and anything decent about our lives. Nothing is allowed to loosen their swollen and intestinal blocked attitudes. They and they only are mighty. They only can live so far above the rest of us, the filth ridden debris in which their endemic trailer trash wallow and to which they have condemned, through deceit, millions of hap;ess, unwanted and resented immigrants.

You might say it was ever thus. I disagree. In the past survival and dominance was got at the cost of being the strongest and the fittest. A degree of skill, courage and bravery was demanded, if people were to earn their spurs. That's long gone. Now the effete, the abnormal and the lily livered dominate. 

In their smug and comfortable strongholds they go from strength to strength. They ignore all the shackles binding we idiot permissives, who have permitted the rise of such inadequates. By our laissez faire, slavish fear of political correctness, we now allow behaviour and morality to be just about as divorced from reality as is possible to be. Our financial ruin has been engineered by such as this glaringly unpleasant man. 

More unpleasantly, it is his ilk that have not only sucked the very lifeblood from our Country but have presided and still do, over the Savile related scandals. Allowed a mad man and degenerate pal to inhabit our highest office, without one question as to his capability to do more than excavate the snot from his nasal passages. These same people hijacked our secret services to protect themselves from discovery. Have debauched and corrupted all the sensible ways we should live. Work hard, save, achieve and be self reliant and happy in old age, used to be the tenets for our lives.

Issues now spoken of as somehow only the prerogative of the bloodsuckers. That these very nasty and immoral insects, now appear, as they do under giant microscopes, as scary monsters of massive size, is an illusion. The Pattens of this world, waddling about, pontificating about his Quango pet, the BBC, in the same nasty vein as the pillock subject of The Slog's rant, are but examples of this vast flea colony. 

There are so many others. The Kinnocks, Mandy Kiddyfiddlers, The EU Commissioners, the Bliars and Campbells. Never ever wonder again where all the money went. It went into providing the fat, juicy and vomit inducing characters of which we all are aware of. They are so gorged on our economic lifeblood and so stuffed as to be incapable of letting go and to render our nation constipated, diseased and putrefied.

Nature always wins out in the end. When the day comes that a sennecot, however or in whatever form it is administered, works, the resultant mess will be unimaginable. It will be in a form not dissimilar to Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The explosion of excrement will favour no one, not even this type of cretinous and very nasty man.

Could he be a mate of a TV actor?


  1. How the almighty did someone retiring at 53 !!!! manage to amass an annual pension of £120 k ????
    Oh I forgot - it's because we're paying for it not him.
    Why are this lot exempt from all the pain they are inflicting on the rest of us - they've pulled up the ladder after them. B**tards.
    They always said there'd never be a revolution in Britain - I'm not so sure any more.

    1. I just looked him up on Wikipedia I think he's on about £1 million a year pensions, two council jobs plus about 10 Quango and charities as you say all funded by the taxpayer. Now he's saying OAP need to sweep the streets to collect THEIR pensions. Just love to see him dangling off some lamppost.

    2. When we despair we must remember what happened to Mussolini and hope.

  2. Viscount St Albans24 October 2012 at 14:55

    One need be cautious, because the French revolution was so bloody it did not cross the Channel, looking at a link from the Telegraph today I saw the future for France "Generation Identitaire" is its name, here we have corruption on a scale undreamed of,, what will trigger a revolution here I am not sure but I am certain one is due, and I have noticed that nasty shut your mouth up word "racist" has been knocked sideways with "Pedophile", next time time lefty bastard opens up on me he will be a fucking pedophile.

    1. The left certainly regard anything goes, ask Harperson or even more culpable, Patricia Hewitt.

  3. The Irish PM is getting the 'Iron Cross' from the Fourth Reich for enslaving his country.

    1. More turd to fill the bowels of this monster of a fourth Reich.