Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

So Depressing.

On A Lovely But Cold Sunny Morning.

I seriously believe that our modern world is inching towards a global government deemed, by those in power, be they of a wealthy, political or criminal bent, to be a desirable manner to regulate and enslave the masses. The ignorance and arrogance of such people knows no bounds and it can be very depressing to watch the meek and sheep like manner the very same masses slowly wend there way towards this inevitable nightmare.

No more so is the depression I feel when observing the puerile existence of UK and USA political parties. So steeped in dogma and manipulation, these out of date but useful vehicles with which to herd the sheeples aboard, continue as if they were still epitomising choice and loyalty. In reality, whichever party wins in America, whatever the outcomes here, in 2015, nothing will change.

Those getting ever fatter and more pompous by the day, such as Clarke, are lazy and despicable traitors atop our Nation. His utter idiocy in wishing us to be ruled from Brussels is a nasty and careless approach for an MP to take. Despite being used by The Boy Dave as his posh Prescott, delivering perceivably the blue rinse, old Tory vote as opposed to the Union one, this old buffoon, long past his sell by date,carries on in the most unpleasant quisling manner.

There are the die hard, resentful Labour voters, stuck in the past of an imaginary class war and "it's all right for them" mentality. The Tory faithful abused and disabused by the upper echelon. Cannon fodder to the upper classes disdainful attitude to the electorate, as a whole. You either stuff envelopes and spout outdated mantras or shell out loads of dosh as investments for future favours. That applies to all of the political parties.

So depressing. The manner in which the powerful have suppressed dissent and protest is a marvel. One evolved over decades of playing the long game. This economic collapse is just another weapon of subjugation. Give the masses a taste for Benidorm then take it away and imply it will never return unless some lines are toed.  At first glance this is at odds with capitalism and it is. It is not, however, at odds with a global, corporate governance.

Those edifices, with gangsters, banksters and their political minions, all in collusion together, ensure the final act is when these gorgons tell, force or cajole what their subordinates are allowed to have. Food is rationed and modified, work is a drudgery for life and "clearway" the single option, when no longer "economically active". Such a beautiful sunny morning but in the future it, too, will be only available to the chosen elites, stuffed with nepotism and inbreeding.

Everyone else will be confined to dark, windowless treadmills and a dire future. That or a Mad Max scenario. Whilst we fail to rouse and inspire protest and change, form new groupings and vote for any but the incumbent, identical, triplets, then the future, as mapped out and so happily accepted by the duped faithful, will be as described. Have a lovely weekend and treasure such days. Such halcyon days are not part of the future for mankind. Some may say no more than we deserve!


  1. I am limited by the available terminology so.NIL DESPERANDUM

  2. Did you see this .. 'Twenty nine million Bulgarians and Romanians will gain the right to live and work unrestricted in Britain in 2014 under European “freedom of movement” rules' This is how we are betrayed by these traitors in Parliment.

    1. It really beggars belief as this EU continues the watering down and ethnic cleansing of troublesome Anglo Saxons.

    2. Viscount St Albans28 October 2012 at 18:25

      It is possible that by 2014 Britain will be the shit-hole so desired by Blair that sixty-million Brits will move to Bulgaria because of the catastrophic collapse of law and order brought about by the clash of ethnic tribesmen on the outnumbered Anglo's... Today, if the immigrant population started a civil war they would win.

    3. Today, if the immigrant population started a civil war they would win.

      They would because Anglo Saxons would be kettled.