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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Remember Thalidomide?

Now Think About GM manipulation.

It's very dubious provenence indeed. The German links to Thalidomide and its terrible consequences had a direct path to Nazi experimentation on their holocaust victims. Post war these connections were very conveniently ignored in return for the results made available to the pharmaceutical and medical corporate interests. As was rocket science and weaponry. The present day relationships between corporate and global ambition, shared between bankers, politicians, corporate heads and the gangster moneylenders, was not as established by the 50s but was well understood as a future likelihood "way to go."

Today we can see it everywhere. The EU, for one, a major supporter and cheer leader, for the sacrifice of people, in the pursuit of greed and power. Only for the few, naturally, who deem their right to luxury and power, paramount. We need RT Today  to point us in the direction of the latest arrogant use of pharmaceutical financial clout, to observe how so much of the modern world is enslaved to corporate and political needs, before humanity as a whole.

I guess the manipulation of human genetic flaws of character and personality is a step too far. Nevertheless if we could find a drug that modified the Jeremy Kyle trailer trash and make them something more wholesome and intelligent, I might buy that! Sadly the powers that be desire a seething mass of comatosed  chavs to clean their toilets and service their luxurious habits. So the drive is for bigger consumer bases, in order to flog ever more processed and now GM manipulated, junk.

Everywhere we look, the global subjugation runs ahead of any ability to even slow it down. The BAE/EADS corrupt self interest is no longer bothered to be hidden. As Raedwald  points out today, the dregs of the last Labour crooks are plain for all to see. The so called socialists, wallowing in their own cess pit of corruption, collusion and hypocrisy. All for a god forsaken stake in the wealth created misery they easily turn a blind eye to. Alistair Campbell still sucking up the droppings from Bliar's backside, stuffed with ill gotten swill.

So rest assured, if GM crops prove, as I'm sure they will, to be the harbinger of some monstrous, deforming or out of control plague, those responsible will be long gone to their secret hideaways and resorts , guarded as jealously, as is Monaco, by storm troopers allowed to deal out "security" unchecked in any way, in order to repel inquisitive minds and querulous visitors.

I've posted in the past about Monsanto. Witness now their grip on power as embraced by that global Frankenstein, The EU.  As with global warming  facts and research are rubbished if the arguments are inconclusive to their requirements. Debate by these morons is seen as subversive and not to be tolerated. Very Germanic. 

One thing is for sure, whilst this EU remains in existence to peddle corporate interests and Bliar like greed, we shall never be safe en masse. Every sleazy global project carries that murky, filthy hand of a corrupt organisation, bought and paid for many times over. The sheer scale of the rape and pillage goes unnoticed whilst the victims, you and I, are forced to watch our hard fought freedoms, savings and pensions get misappropriated, to further the corporate research and brown envelope payments required of our modern "Civil" Servants and beneficiaries. It always surprises me that Snotty Gordon is not that welcome in this tent. Perhaps, I wonder, if even they are repulsed by the sheer depth of perverted madness our previous PM wallowed in?

Were we interested in living in a decent society and a well ordered Country, we would never tolerate these giant scams and downright dictatorial, corporate despots. If we forged, as in the past, our own destiny, foregoing huge organisations as "too big to fail", not least the EU cabal of seedy residents, we would be much better off. What direct benefit, to most of us, is globalisation?  Perhaps not in conspicuous consumption but certainly a better, fitter, leaner Nation. After all we didn't need to be fat dumb and "happy" to defeat Hitler, did we? Nor did we need to trade preferentially with Europe, to be well off in bartering and selling our surpluses. We really did trust our leaders' motives for power. In The USA at least Romney doesn't need the money.

So, look out for pink cabbages coming soon. They won't carry a health warning but you'll know how good they are when you glow in the dark!


  1. The EU has come up with a mechanism to address the ~democratic deficit~ - the European Citizens Initiative.
    I believed it to be a way of imposing policy on Europeans through quangos.

    The one non-quango and popular Initiative to be put before the Commission was to stop GMOs being imposed on Europeans.

    It was slapped down before it even got off the ground.

    The one good thing about this issue is that it wakes the young and naive up to what is really going on regarding the EU.

    1. Anon, excellent comment. If you wanted to develop this I'm happy to post for you. Just email me an article/post. Same for any of my visitors.

  2. I thought these post-counterculture types were in the 'bio-sphere era'?