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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Palace Of Westminster To Be Mothballed.

Futuristic New Centre To Be Built In Its Place.

Plans are well advanced to replace The Palace Of Westminster. Its sepulchral like façade is deemed as far too similar to many Churches of its era. Such blatant and no longer necessary genuflection to a religion long past its British sell by date, is deemed anarchic.

In the manner beloved of the EU cabal, that humongous man, Bercow, announced a massive refurbishment, of the old and decrepit building, only this year. In reality it will be said to be beyond economic repair and be made a "nursing" home for troublesome Anglo Saxons.

Meanwhile this new, exciting, progressive edifice will be squarely placed in the centre of "New" London. Such will this beacon of the modern, ethnically cleansed Muslim State of Europe, become, many organisations, representing the dominance of Islam, will be welcomed. The Federal, spiritual centre for this corner of Europe will set up its new headquarters in this new monument to the total subjugation of the old, jingoistic and unfashionable ways once the heart of European identity. Fought and died for, in years gone by.  

The remaining ten members of Parliament will be retained as advisers for catering and shoe collection. Tony Bliar has accepted the role as shoe monitor in return for 200 million euros a month. Bliar, with his experience of cover up politics and his terrific success in "losing" Dunblane will also be placed in charge of the Office for Grooming Centre, to be unveiled by a plethora of senior clerics and their procurers Rotherham and Bristol representatives. The most successful of their nationwide associates in the past. They will be repatriated from their unfair incarcerations.

Bliar was also in line to become the Islamic High Chairman of The BBC, to be renamed IIPC. Islamic Information and Propaganda Centre. However,  in order to reflect the values and tenets of the old BBC culture, this post will be shared by Lord Mandlebum and Gary Sparkles. Their first task will be to identify the location for a statue in memory of Sir James Savile, a man deemed to have made under age sex, with white girls, mainstream acceptable.

Other items for the early days of this new EU Regional Assembly will be the completion of mass deportation and or incarceration of all dissenters. All displays of white skin of any gender, will be forbidden. Those males of endemic British origin will be required to grow mass facial hair and never to wash in order to darken their small,visible, facial skin areas.

Any fraternisation by white citizens with non-white will be met with instant execution in public. Football grounds will be converted for this purpose. Women will be stoned to death at the same venues and league tables drawn up for the most successful event holders. It is anticipated that Bradford may well become the new Old Trafford. Albeit the Liverpool Imam considers Anfield a contender with it's revamped anthem, "You'll never be beheaded alone".

Of the remaining MPs, all Labour, of course, Harriet Harman will take over as the spiritual leader for women. Her role, which she says she embraces wholeheartedly, in return for a place at this top venue, will be the total reversal of women's rights. This will release hundreds of thousands of school places for the new arrivals expected from other Islamic centres around the world, who do not have access to British benefit claims or young, white girls, as yet.

 President for Life Obummer, fresh from his installation as a lifetime US President, welcomes these moves. In his coronation inaugural speech he is expected to proclaim a radical emulation of the EU processes. The 911 New York Mosque site will be expanded to form an American version of the London EU Mosque immediately. 200 trillion dollars from The Saudi Government has been lent to the American Islamic people for the welcome installation of this monument to Global domination. As a goodwill gesture he will make Abu Hamza his London Ambassador with a full pardon and four billion dollars compensation.

Many of those Western leaders party to this wonderful realisation of The Islamic creed for world domination by whatever means, are to be exiled in great luxury in Porto Montenegro. A purpose built haven long dreamed of as the perfect getaway for Quislings and traitors. Many famous families, from the early sucking at the  breast of the EU, will be domiciled there. The only place in the World where hedonistic, western life will be permitted to remain. The Kinnocks, Pattens, Camerons, Middletons and various "helpers" of the EU Islamic cause will be found there. 

Any of the remaining last ditch stand individuals, few as they are or were, will be allowed a few days and nights in the old football changing rooms of the new function venues. Females amongst them housed in the visitors' cells rooms. Here they will be expected to burn bibles and fill boxes with The Koran, never knowing when their turn will come to trot out onto the pitch for a final bow before their past admirers and now baying hordes.

So, Britain and Europe rejoice. The world is changing. Embrace it, throw away your razors and your women. Hail the new dawn and the Harman conversion to the barbaric middle ages and the subjugation of women, the rise of the eunuch. Once black now white. What goes around comes around, apparently. So relax, its inevitable. Your world is finished. Allah Hu Akbar.


  1. You mean archaic? Sure they'll take Mohammedanism --over Protestantism any day. This is how postmodern society brings social