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Saturday, 13 October 2012

On With The Motley.

What A Funny Clown!

A Norwegian Snotty pulls the funniest gag of the decade. Or even sixty decades. I quote from the link,

 " Jagland's cabinet, albeit short-lived, was marked by controversies from the beginning to the end, with two ministers being forced to withdraw following personal scandals.  Jagland, who was much ridiculed in the media for his quotes and statements and frequently portrayed as incompetent, resigned following the 1997 election, as a consequence of his much ridiculed 36.9 ultimatum, even though his party won the most votes. In 2010 a group of forty prominent historians ranked Jagland as the weakest Norwegian prime minister since the end of the Second World War,  two years before, his predecessor Gro Harlem Brundtland had criticised his premiership in harsh terms and described Jagland as "stupid"

So stupid that, as Secretary General Of The Council Of Europe and Chairman Of The Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee, he gives, ostensibly, himself and his stardusted mates in the EUSSR circus a big fat gong. Even funnier is his bouquet of flowers passed to that other Prince among Motley fools, Barosso  Just look at the hilarious idiots, cloned suits patting each other on the back,  Jagland's poodle shown with Barosso, whilst shaking hands with childish pranks.

Am I alone in seeing the traits attributed to Adolf''s henchmen? On the one hand a bunch of crooks with alarming habits and glaring buffoonery yet capable of mass murder, torture and the near destruction of a Continent. We might giggle nervously at the parallels so glaringly enacted over this ridiculous and comic gesture. We see the awfulness of Jagland yet despair at how this blithering and exposed idiot got into these positions of power and influence.

The only answer has to be money. He, as is hinted at in his bio, had some scandalous friends and I suspect, like Bliar, he was able to buy or blackmail his eminence. For me this moronic and imbecilic man typifies why this EU business can never succeed. It's just too comic and talentless to do so. Staffed by trapeze artists riven with vertigo, stuffed animals pretending to be real and ring masters never sure which one should wear the clown suit.

So, so funny and oh so very nasty in its outcomes. I guess weeping wins over the mirth, unfortunately. Peace be with you all, its been decreed! Here is how I wish OR could perform.


Anonymous said...

Max Keiser - spot on as usual. What a joke this is.

mona said...

You have completely missed the cryptic message in the award, what was the great invention the Nobel prize was founded on?, DYNAMITE. the whole corrosive shit empire of Maoist Barosso is going to explode, the fuse was lit in Greece.

Clarinda said...

Why this man - Max Keiser (and his co-presenter Stacy Herbert, engaged recently to Max apparently) - isn't given better coverage in the MSM I just can't understand .... oh wait a minute? Can't have the shysters rumbled while there is money to be purloined.

Oldrightie said...

It is exceptionally funny, Anon.

Oldrightie said...

Greece will leave to become an oil partner with Israel and if Romney beats Obummer, The USA. The EU will join Iran!

Oldrightie said...

Clarinda, do you not see the MSM and the BBC paedophile haven are just mouthpieces for those who know what's best for humanity? Of course you do!