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Thursday, 4 October 2012

No Surprise To Me.

Infrastructure meltdown.

This morning yet more hand wringing over decline in patient rounds in many hospitals. Forget, for a moment, it's a WHS not NHS, since millions are spent on fiddled GP lists and health "tourism" and bear in mind the mass immigration and open door policy for EU peoples. It's claimed the latter get their medical costs met by their parent states. Don't make me laugh. Collecting those bills alone would cost as much as the treatments.

Then there are prisons, transport, schools, housing, policing an huge rise in the criminal classes and the crippling burden of food, energy and water costs. We have millions out of work and still we import ever more numbers of hungry, economic seeking migrants. That madness has destroyed these Islands and is slowly throttling the whole World's economies. naturally the so called leaders love this seething mass of disadvantaged humanity. 

It's more people to boss around and feel powerful over. They forget that one day the stresses and strains will bubble over and vengeful, starving billions will seek scapegoats. Piano will will become the new gold and precious metal. I doubt many of us will be all that sad to see certain types and arrogant "Mitchells" swept away. it is inevitable, it really is. Only when remains to be answered.


  1. Taxpayers money is seen by these crooks in government as a huge pot of money to be plundered. Every thing that has been privatized is costing us more gas electric water all now owned by foreign companies who fleece us. The railways is another source of plunder you have managers earning millions in bonus which never happened in BR time.Civil Servants doing deals thinking when they retire where their next pay check will come from.
    It will never end till they are all hanging from telegraph poles.

  2. We must include the same mindset as being in the EU corridors, too, Anon.

  3. The Mitchell classes have every reason to arrogant, they rule the apathetic masses who are to dumb to think because it may hurt, they get excited over Wallace and Grommit's long lost brother Ed Milliband, that stooge Clan Cameron who has opened the immigration door wider, wake up! as Jack Straw-inski said we gotta get rid of the English.

    1. Mona, there is an underclass out there, loved and courted for their useless votes. I'm with Mitt Romney,47% don't deserve a vote.