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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

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The EU's Tactical Ways.

The EU propaganda machine is extremely powerful. Not least in the manner in which it goes underground when things get a little too visible. be it riots and protest throughout the EU enslaved Nations or economic mayhem, increased EU budget demand or just plain idiocy, it goes ever so quiet.

This plague on the World and in particular, The UK, is a blighted and foul stain on all those who died, when Europe was last dominated by German ambition. So far the weapon of choice, economic misery, has held sway but soon it will be a reversal to the less patient military one. Not least when the banking collapse rears its ugly head yet again, as sure it will. It was never slain, no one imprisoned and the carpet sweeping won a delay.

I suspect, if not before Labour resume their role as givers, to all but us, in Government, it will sure as hell return in spades after 2015. I'm no lover of the Cobbleition, Clegg or The Boy Dave but they are infinitely better than the Trade Union lot. If the present incumbents were serious about clinging to power, all they need to do is take us out of The EU right now. At least give us a referendum promise. Oh, sorry, they did that once before. Tell you what, let's all vote UKIP.

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  1. anyone who votes for any of the main three at the next election needs to have a serious talk with themselves, unfortunately there will be the usual tribal votes because they don't want party x,y or z to get in.