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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Just As In Iraq.

So In Libya.

RT again shows the way we are rationed when it comes to real news and what our cretinous leaders in America and The EU demand we do not learn. Just as here.  Never have we been so manipulated and denied reality, unless approved by a tame media and government propaganda outfit that The MSM have become.

Even so, the very people behind all the subterfuge, arms dealing, crooked banking and compliant evil of self serving government machinery, are themselves now deservedly open to ridicule. An EU forcing austerity on millions, whilst paying themselves ever larger largesse. A pretence that the EU is a Nobel Peace Prize winning bunch of innocents, whilst they are paying billions to bounty hunters to hide their earlier complicit alliances. 

Khamis Gaddafi has been murdered, sorry, killed, in very dubious circumstances and my money's on it was a bounty collected. I'm still curious as to where Saif is residing. Here's a guy with knowledge worth many billions to be kept suppressed. If he has a secret stash of evidence, of his Pa's decades of deal making, not least Bliar's tainted wealth it might be the only thing preventing him falling down a set of stairs.

One thing is for certain. Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq, together with Pakistan,  are poised, maybe in my life time, to form one hell of a Middle Eastern Alliance. Put Iran into that grouping and suddenly Armageddon is back on the agenda. Our political and NWO mobsters love the politics of fear, as long as they think they're protected. Just like the Saudi Royal family feel they are, building a Monaco like  Principality  in Southern Spain! Complete with fall out shelters, probably.

Under a nuclear cloud of Middle Eastern zealots, with a more than justifiable ire against the Western creation that is Common Purpose, the preferred weapon of choice is lost. That is the economic devastation, used to scare a sceptical populace witless, no longer keeps the superior arrogance of the NWO idiots wealth and power safe from radiation and nuclear fall out!

We have always, bar the "what would happen experiments" on Japan,  never considered our nuclear deterrent to be really effective. Too easily turned back on itself to justify immunity. very lucrative, mind you. As the arms trade always is. However the sheer careless stewardship of the Western ideal of capitalism has been every bit as squandered as has the better side of Islam, or Christianity, for that matter.

So, boys and girls, look out for a Middle Eastern security force more than happy to seek revenge on the West. After all, if NATO and The EU had wreaked the havoc on our lives and homes, as they have the Middle East, wouldn't we be mightily pissed off? Only one nation has the will and ability to do much about it, Israel. Their wriggle room is diminished by an Islamic USA President. 

So it really is a mess and a half, of which only glimmers of the disaster not only coming but already engineered, by a decadent and unholy Western culture, little deserving to be taken seriously, when it comes to morality. What's that old phrase, "As ye reap......."? Sadly the seed throwers were left handed and we have little left to help us recover. Shhhhhhhhh...............A first class ticket to nowhere seems rather irrelevant.   A bit like Ed Testicles and Milibad, let alone The Cobbleition!

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