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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Is This An American Islamist Election?

There Are Signs.

I went here after listening to the BBC failing to extend their item on last night's American Presidential debate. Naturally the BBC paedo propaganda machine leant towards Obummer and hinted at Romney's performance as being the ill tempered one. The issue of the Crowley bias and ill judged support for the "When I was President" failure to condemn the death of his Ambassador, was just not going to be mentioned. The BBC so adore this President, nothing but nothing is allowed to suggest he might not be a friend to the Christian and White West.

The Islamification of the Planet continues apace. A Mosque is erected at Ground Zero, The American President courts the Middle East and the Arab cause in Palestine, with the Zionist factions getting increasingly belligerent and angry. An anger seemingly happily provoked by this White House. One which sees more wealth to be gained from Islamic interests than elsewhere. As always, follow the money.

In Europe this attitude is also mirrored. I have often suggested that the New World Order, whatever its persuasion,  is united in the goal of creating a global dictatorship. Cultural, religious, racial or any other  means are all acceptable. Divide and conquer is the watchword. At the very top of this order are the Chinese, Russian, The Mafia elites, et al. All happily cohabiting to secure great personal stakes and future nepotistic security, in perpetuity. So they believe.

The mass immigration and positive discrimination laws are but good examples pointing to this theory having an element of truth. Media bias, the tolerance of paedophile behaviour, the show trials of a few to temporarily assuage the resentment and fears of the many, are all invoked. The Karadzic trial and the vilification of the Serbs are but another example of the bias.  Islamic genocide tolerable, revengeful and resentful Serbian, albeit wrong, not to be tolerated. Let Kosovo be taken over by a minority, immigrant population number. A test bed for the rest of Europe, possibly?

I loathe the Islamic misogynistic culture and want no part of it in my life or country. Its religion, fine. Its extremist and cruel, oppressive intolerance to everything it chooses too hate, is not. Homosexual intolerance,  the subjugation of and cruelty to women, as above, are their dominant tenets. The passion to rule and control the World are but means to an end, by the powerful. Islam and its extremes are being employed to add to the armoury of fear, beloved of the ruling classes.

The violent wastelands of the Mad Max future will be fine as long as the central Citadels, inhabited and protected by the NWO, are secure. The "outside" inhuman deserts, where Serbian and other disenfranchised armies, roam, scavenge and fight cruel, barbarian, lost causes, won't matter. It will be two parallel states of existence. One as decadent but luxuriously secure as can be, the other a nightmare and living hell for those who chose not to go along with  the "plan".

What is never considered,  however, is that those warring and  seemingly barbaric "outsiders" might one day unite. Their cause will then become to storm and ransack the Citadels of the decadent. Of course, if Romney were to win the election, those dark days might well be postponed or even cancelled. Unless, of course, he's signed up to them, as the leaders in Europe have. They already have their citadel's foundations physically laid in Brussels. The world being a very big planet, more than one fortress will be required.


Amusing Bunni said...

Obummer is such a muzzie, he even wears a ring inscribed with it, and all the CAIR groups and such have infiltrated the WH.

God help America if this lying POS gets reelected.
At this point, I'd vote for my cat instead of this creep. I WATCHED the whole debate, and obummer is UNHINGED and dangerous, and a big liar.
The media is complicit, and that "moderator" lied and covered up for him too. I have a good vid on my sidebar of the best parts of Mitt's responses.

I thought deranged obumturd was going to wack him. I can't wait until 3 weeks from now, and Wed. Nov. 7th we'll wake up and the creep will be voted out!

Barnacle Bill said...

It's not the Chinese, nor the Russians we should be afraid of, it's the fifth columnist Muslims that Blair and the Buffty frae Kirkcaldy let in.
They're already here gnawing away at the foundations of our once fair and great land.
Whilst our political elite just look the other way and enjoy their pampered all expenses paid way of life.
Traitors, every one of them!

Oldrightie said...

Traitors, every one of them!

That they are, BB. I doubt the thick skulls understand that they are, though.

Oldrightie said...

I pray you're right, Bunni. Still, we never know what nasty stunts they have up their sleeves. Our elections have been rigged for years. Guess by whom?

Anonymous said...

I dont like Muslims. I dont like their clothes, their food, their stupid "sharia" laws, the way they treat people, their incessant worship of this Alah chap, their incessant procreation (at our expense), and the fact that, despite what the lefties say, they have shown absolutely no signs of integrating into OUR society. You want to live here? Then abide by our rules. Or go home (which is preferable). Am sick of not being able to say it as it is. They are a warrior race, that inflict ideas upon society, and I dont like it or want it in MY country."
Multiculturalism is a political tool used to disenfranchise the indigenous population overtime, and substitute British views and values for Marxist diatribe.
Multiculturalism is designed to dilute the indigenous culture progressively, and it is a clear form of political ethnic cleansing to make way for left-wing ideology, since most Brits are conservative with a small c.
Multiculturalism is the best way of defeating our culture. The two words the multiculturalists have used to keep us mentally shackled are: Tolerance and Racist. Tolerance opens the door to mass immigration and Racist shuts the door to dissent.

Anonymous said...


mona said...

The Anger is wrongly directed we know the disease we know the names Blair, the worst criminal in British history, Julia Middleton, of Common Purpose,NU-Labour, the BBC, ACPO, all are subversive organisations that must be purged and exposed, right wing political dynamics is probably the only remedy, we can blog forever but nothing will beat feet on the street. Until Blair joins his pals in the Hague will will live in shame.

Oldrightie said...

A perfect summary of our treacherous left wind ideologists and so beloved of our PBC, (Paedophile, not public) broadcaster.

fifth column said...

Not just seconded, Anon, circa 40 millioned.

Oldrightie said...

Mona, how ironic that the soon to be billionaire, Bliar, costs us millions in protection teams who could be doing real police work.

Anonymous said...

Barak Hussien Seotoro, alias Barack Obama, is a Muslim he went to school in Indonesia he was registered as a Muslim, he is a citizen of Indonesia, his real father is one of two men, Frank Marshal Davis or Malcom X his birth certificate is from a child who died in Honolulu named Virginia Sunahara, although he was born in Kenya and the record of that is in the Kew National Archives, the scars on head are from a serious road crash in Honolulu, of all the conspiracies this is the most brilliant and audacious the World has ever seen. this is in the Birther

Oldrightie said...

I suspect strongly he's not qualified as a citizen to be President, Anon.