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Friday, 5 October 2012

Energy Musings.

More Simple Logic Beyond Government.

Ironically the picture above, an ideal depiction of a politician anywhere, is taken from an anti-fracking blog. Whilst  my beef is with the Dumbo Dave idiocy of bowing to ant-fracking lobbyists from the self-interest groups opposed to competition in energy supply. 

Now our energy policy is dominated by the EU. A major player being the French, via EDF. A major figure in this lot is good old Snotty Gordon Brown's brother. So, as in all things mega rich from we long suffering tax payers, energy is yet another milch cow. We are to have our udders squeezed until we become "good" Europeans, giving everything we own to others with a dubious agenda for full control over our lives. BAE for one. No referenda,  no choice, rigged and untruthful elections, strewn with promises made to be broken and manifestos of such breathtakingly arrogant lying, it beggars belief.

We have the ability to become self-sufficient in energy via North Sea oil deeper recovery wells and fracking. That does not suit many people, desperate to put us all ever deeper in debt and subservient to imported needs, to survive. Therein lies a powerful weapon for control. One Hitler attacked with venom in the cold North Atlantic supply lines.

Government used to be about protecting and defending our way of life and our freedoms. Now everything is skewed towards a world dominance by a meagre few controlling elites. We willy nilly, at least our political and Government traitors, sign up to all this awful nightmare ambition in the hope places will be made available for them to sit alongside the Bliars and Mandleson types. Who, in their right minds, want to be part of that coterie of hypocritical scavengers, without a moral fibre in their depraved bodies?

So when the inevitable club of fear, over getting cold and hungry, because the leccie has gone AWOL, falls,  don't forget this is planned negligence from a failed political class, happily chasing the lemmings of Europe to an earlier extinction than might otherwise have been the case. So long as this planet exists and the sun shines brightly, energy will never be a real problem. It will only remain a weapon of choice for the new economic warfare techniques of the modern age.

Naturally, when all this chicanery becomes realised, then the good old fashioned weapons are produced. That time gets ever nearer and ever more likely. Then any energy necessary to wage a hot rather than cold economic war will be quickly discovered, will they not?


  1. You think Dave is a Dumbo, mmmm, you are quite wrong, he being once described as a parsimonious slippery individual and a smarmy bully, he has a "mission" entwine Britain so securely to the EU that nothing will allow it to break free.

    1. I've no disagreement with your analysis, Tony. All of our political and Government establishment are traitors and EU lackeys.

  2. Some of them know what's what, it remains to be seen whether it is acted upon.


    1. Dave, that link was most rewarding, thank you. If only such common sense prevailed we would be the nation we dream of.