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Monday, 1 October 2012

Back "Home"?

Didn't Feel Like It At First.

Before I relate why this post is what it is, I would like to give a huge vote of thanks to Gotty. He may not be everybody's cup of tea, Earl Grey or English Breakfast, but he sure can offer up some satisfying rants against those in power and those stupid enough to put them there. Very few read blogs like this but every one that does adds to the small but important critical list of those of us not prepared to "go quietly"! Many thanks, GOTTY. Not least for swelling the readership.

I thought the outbound  security pathetic jobsworths' populated checks were bad enough. Not least the manhandling and unpleasant treatment meted out to Mrs OR by some less than Anglo Saxon nasties. Her "crime" was to forget to remove her metal watch wristband. I get so close to spilling into Gotty's valuable vocabulary but that borders on plagiarism! 

However, returning a few days later into the other end of this smart, glass edifice to incompetent uselessness, built via corrupt and over ambitious crooks, matters were even worse. The bullying, hectoring, self-important and grossly inept thickos were ghastly. We have a Nation overrun with mass immigration. Everywhere within 50 miles of large conurbations and their associated infrastructures, are a filthy, teeming mass of filth and stench. One presented to us by politicians as some king of joyous addition to our now overcrowded and badly serviced lives. We have been swamped so that every piece of once OK service is now trampled under by the sheer weight of imported numbers.

Those charged with corralling not just the bad guys but all of us, are as cheap as cheap can be. Drawn from the positive discrimination junk heap and the failed education system, that now haunts our terrible society, these clueless and unpleasant characters wage their stupidity in an ever more nasty manner.

Broad accents, which are barely understandable, become ever louder and more belligerent when their illiterate voices bellow the obvious to thousands of bewildered travellers, aghast at the reception offered them. Many, after a long and tiring journey, find themselves facing an almost Gestapo like queuing system, going almost back to the aircraft doors.

Sure the need to be secure and safe is important. However, like everything else, thick, stupid but self given privileged morons, supposed to combat "terrorism",  end up becoming, themselves, stealers of freedom. I realised, as I was treated as some kind of alien, attempting to enter a foreign land, my now destroyed country of birth sees me as very unimportant and purely a creature to be hassled and mistreated by those placed at the very top of their limited abilities.

Surliness, offhandedness and above all else, ignorant and lazy, are the leading qualifications for our Border Agency Staff. The queue to enter my once beloved homeland was grotesque. The organisation designed to hinder not help. "E" passport holders, Mrs OR one of them, were almost as badly managed by ill trained and rather lacking in common sense personnel. Additionally photographs were taken as part of that system. Why? 

For God's very own sake, how can the authorities, with all their billion pound data bases, not clock the likes of us as having lived and peacefully gone about our lives for decades. Surely we could be given a walk through channel. One marked,  "If you were born here before mass immigration in the 1960s, pass straight through? 

They force the airlines to present  passenger information to them. Why do we have to suffer the indignities of delay and waste of time so prevalent now at airports? Brum being possibly the worst. Border Agency, what a shambolic and pathetic lot they are. Still, a job for life, paid out of our taxes and a cushy, lazy job, sitting on their arses all day long, quietly and smugly taunting us to get obnoxious, so they might get ever more nasty and even aggressive in the name of State Control.

How people can choose to put themselves through these nightmare experiences regularly is beyond me. I suppose our numbed, brain washed masses can cope since they stand there obediently staring into space with their concentration camp patience, not once questioning the treatment meted out. Those of us disturbed and bothered by the cattle prods, wielded in the name of State Security, just have to try and bear it. For certain there is much worse to come, under the EUSSR, already heavily complicit in the draconian weapons trained on those daring to travel. Mind you, the Spanish security and border controls were far superior to ours, so it can be done. Plus, of course, the chosen few, who are given preferential passage based on their subservience to the grand plan for changing this crowded planet into a seething mass of servants for the few sitting smugly at the upper end of the food chain.

One final thought. It came as no surprise to OR that  Thickhead Cameron  didn't know his children's   Nanny was called Magna Carta. After all he is obviously a very, very busy dude. He'd go far in the UKBA!


  1. Very well put. I see the symptoms of this once great nation sinking into the abbyss.

  2. Standing ovation here OR.

    To misquote dear old Terry-Thomas slightly, "They're a shower, an absolute shower of wankers". Interesting that acronym 'UKBA' ... won't be long before it's called 'Allahu UKBA' esp. after Sharia law is officially introduced into this country.

  3. I'm afraid it's an attitude not confined to just the UKBA. Visit any one of a thousand state funded* organisations and you'll find this attitude in abundance. There are a few hard-working sensible people within these palce but sadly, they are few.

    *By state funded I mean paid for by decent taxpayers.

    1. You are correct, Bill. Trade Unions screwed our private sector now doing the same to the public sector, only easier and quicker.

  4. No doubt staffing the lower rungs of public authorities with ill educated imported riff-raff was all part of the plan. I expect that they enjoy being in uniform and enabled to push the 'middle classes' (euphemism) around.

    Having said that, last time I flew out the alarms went off at the lady in the next aisle; Mrs Nicewoman had the biggest fuck off pair of kitchen scissors you could wish for but how she moaned when they were confiscated.

    1. As Gotty might have said, Banned, "She should have stabbed one of the miserable fuckers first."

  5. I've always wondered what happens to the confiscated goods - some would make excellent stocking fillers? If they are genuinely considered potential lethal weapons or explosive elements - why are they tossed casually into a waste-paper bin or placed on top of the scanners. Why are the bomb disposal squads not marshalled to deal with these life endangering items? Momentarily abandoned bags are handled as if they are nuclear weapons.
    A female friend who is rather well endowed had the very recent excruciating embarrassment of being questioned in public at a very small Scottish airport as to the size of her bosom, implying that it could be a "suicide vest" or at the least a disguise for contraband. The female jobsworth insisted on a public 'pat-down' despite my friend requesting a private room. This level of degrading practice is verging on abuse/assault? I suppose inevitable when some reasonable regulations are put into the hands (literally) of those whose ability to discern and use intelligent judgement is absent. My friend has a robust sense of humour and tried to see the ridiculous side but why are we still queuing up for hours to be - in other normal circumstances -illegally groped?
    A recent long stay in Australia and New Zealand demonstrated friendly but thorough checks by officials who appeared welcoming and apologetic for the inconvenience of security requirements. It was interesting to note the individual passengers they pulled aside for particular attention.

  6. Ah, Clarinda, I've missed you! In the nicest possible way. Glad your travels went well.