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Friday, 19 October 2012

Another Step Along The Way......

They Go!

Note the sublimimal  throughout this jaundiced Reuters piece. Finland, not "a Finnish politician", says these weasley words, which are meant to make us feel we are turning our backs on our closest best pals. More like we are confronting a jealous, devious and unpleasant gang of bullies and might one day face them head on to prevent the constant threat of back stabbing! One frequently happening but so far, not fatally.

There is coming from the EU, German-French Axis meeting, yet again in a pretend, rehearsed, stage managed, summit, vibes designed to pressure our Civil Servants and Political careerists looking for big EU jobs. The pressure is the pretence of isolation and the suggested nightmare and fear this alienation and impotency will entail. These federalists really don't believe we would quit.

What they blithely and arrogantly discount, is the growing realisation, by even the trailer trash, that we have been "robbed" of otherwise free trade and independent economic management. We are daily sacrificing oil wealth, businesses and cash to fund this pathetic bureaucracy and German ambition to rule over Europe. An economic war replacing a genocidal, military one.

 Raedwald and the inestimable similar voice of John Redwood point out more logical and less biased analyses. Not least that developments towards a political and fiscal union must, of necessity, create a centralised governing State. Who will be at the centre? Which Country has the most at stake emotionally,  historically, and economically? Which people still carry the resentment of military defeat, partition and the scars of a European holocaust possession? 

Deep in the German psyche, as in ours, are the lost generations and billions in resources plundered by the same nation hell bent on repeating, albeit using different methods, the mistakes of the past. A desire too rule  and impose their attitudes to existence on others. Regardless of the rights or wrong of the admirable German work ethic, they do not face the debilitating summer heat and necessary adoption to such climates as the Southern European nations. Another example of why one size never fits all. The only solution is to dictate terms regardless.

The use of such phrases as "free" trade, single currency and joint regulations and single rule books for all is ridiculous. Seemingly only one Nation appears to defy this illogical philosophy. One which tramples on the freedom and democracy earnt with billions of gallons of fervent blood soaked corpses. Men and women whose lives were surrendered to fight the oppression and evil of the Nazi purpose. Are things so different now? I see only the uniforms discarded, not the ruling ambition. 

Ironically the French are cosying up to this vision, whilst forgetting the treacherous events of the past. So are the Italians. Well, the political classes. it can only end in tears. I see a future where once more the British and probably the Americans will be forced to arms again. 

Just as with the British political ping pong. Labour get in, screw the economy blind, Tories bails us out at great expense, especially to the poorer sections of our Country and the merry go round continues. each time getting worse and worse. Still play the "Of roses" above if you haven't for some time. That's the emotion the EU  idiots, particularly the German Political class, are fearful of. let's hope their people wake up. For us, exit is the only hope. Stay in and we will see German become the language of choice in a Federal Europe, you see. Not least here as the Greek victims in all this continue to struggle against this monster, blind to those hardships.


  1. Start worrying,there are laws of nature,man is a animal a tribal creature and a predator he will kill with ease, it is not Europe we should worry about but the new tribes that have entered these Islands they all have a territorial emperitive of ownership and specific superstitions (religions) we are being forced against our will to a inexorable sequence of events that will culminate in a bloodbath in these Islands and genocide.

    1. I do hope we can redress all the imbalances without violence, Mona but it's looking ever more likely we cannot.

  2. I'm so pleased that that infamous Jean Monet quote is getting ever mire exposure.

  3. banned, Monet's words have and still are obeyed to he letter. he didn't expect them to be available to an internet, of course.