Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

A Trip Round Mrs OR's Garden.

As The Winter Draws In.

I hope the earlier winter scenes borrowed from 2010-11 don't pre-empt this winter!


  1. OR,

    Apparently, ladybirds are good forecasters of the oncoming winter - the deeper they hide to hibernate, the harder the winter. Try to find some in your garden; I suspect you will have difficulty. I also have seen a hedgehog foraging in full daylight; how good they are at this forecasting lark, I have no idea, but it would not surprise me that they are better than the Met Office or the CRU of the UEA.

    Mind you, there can be little doubt that a hard winter is yet more proof of global warming...


    Radical Rodent

  2. Breathtaking OR .. quite simply breathtaking.

    Lady OR seems always to bring poetry to mind:

    "Our England is a garden, and such gardens are not made
    By singing, 'Oh, how beautiful!' then sitting in the shade"

    Your pictures represent a lot of damned hard work :-)

    1. Caratacus, Mrs OR is most heartened by your kind comments.

  3. Viscount St Albans29 October 2012 at 12:31

    That happens to be my garden,

  4. Absolutely stunning photo's and the most beautiful garden, Old Rightie. Tell Mrs. OR that she brings sunshine to a dreary world, and you're lucky to live in such a beautiful home.

    I didn't do much of anything with my yard this year, as I've been feeling very ill for months.
    I hope next spring, I'll be better and can keep up with it more, I used to love puttering around in the yard, but now, I can't even do anything. Oh well, winter's coming.
    Thanks for the kind words at my place.

    1. Hi, AB, good of you to drop by. I do hope you are fighting fit ere long.