The despair Of The British nation.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Why Do I Do It To Myself

I don't know why the fuck I do it to myself.

What kind of fucking twat would think 'I know, I'll stab myself in the eye with a needle'?

What kind of fucking twat would think 'I know, I'll set fire to my bollocks with a buttock clenching blow torch'?

And what kind of fucking grumpy old twat would think 'I know, I'll just have a quick shuffty at the Mail Online website' ... with the sure and certain fucking knowledge that you are about to endure hours of fucking agony and angst.

I'm no masochist, that's for sure. I didn't get where the fuck I am today by poncing around the living room wearing nipple clamps and barbed wire underpants, screaming "whip my arse Mrs GOT, whip my big fat fucking arse!"

But I did it all the same.

No! Not the nipple clamps and the barbed wire underpants, you pervy cunts .... taking a shuffty at the Mail Online! Aaaaarrrrgghhh! Who the fucketty fuck sat at their desk, in the Daily fucking Fail offices today, and decided that this load of mother fucking, piss, shit, arse,wank, bollocks ... was going to be the top 'news' items :

• Please, please tell us you're OK': Anguished parents of teacher, 30, who ran away with Megan, 15, plead with them to make contact

• TV star Justin Lee Collins 'tried to push ex-girlfriend in front of a taxi on a drunken night out with Alan Carr

• Cagefighting £1m lottery winner who tried to strangle girlfriend is jailed for drugs despite pledging to 'use money wisely

• FA find John Terry GUILTY of racial abuse - and fine ex-England captain £220,000 (that's ten days' wages)

• Former professional footballer jumped to his death after racking up £10,000 of online gambling debts

(and if those MSM mongs think I'm providing any links to that load of shit wipe, then they can fuck the fucking fuck off)

Where the fuck are the headlines about this government printing money like it's going the fuck out of fashion?

Where the fuck are the headlines about the European Union costing the British taxpayer £50 billion a day just so those fascist fucktards can ride around on their gravy train, dishing out our cash to the fucking Greeks, Spanish, Portugese et al?

Where the fuck are the headlines about the climate change hoax adding biilions of fucking pounds to our energy bills just so Camermong's daddy, and the like, can build dirty great fuck off wind farms to claim obscene amounts of cash to feather their own fucking nests ... while the bird chopping, eyesores contribute sweet cunting in return for OUR investment?
BUT when it all boils down to it, just like my piss which is boiling like some out of control Bessemer bastard converter, the over-paid fucktards that write this wanking material aren't actually to blame.

It's supply and demand you see.

It's the sheeple that want it. It's the sheeple that demand it. It's the sheeple that have been insidiously brainwashed, by consecutive goverments, into believing that this is the drug they need to depend on to survive.

WAKE UP and smell the cunting coffee sheeple! For all our fucking sakes!

Do you share my agony and angst ... or am I wasting my fucking breath?


Bill said...

No as you asked.
I realised a while back pissing in the wind is an exercise in futility that will shorten my life far more effectively than worrying about the dopamine media and the people who actually hand over money for their rags.

I've taken the decision that having reached 52 it's a fair bet I've used up most of my time on earth trying to change things.
I exposed the corruption in the local council(s) and the DFE and a construction company handed a huge wad of taxpayers cash to 'build some academies'. No big deal really as the perps are thick enough to believe no-one will look beyond whatever they say or write and I even discovered the dark shadow that is common purpose pulling strings hardly anyone lifted their heads out of their 'own problems' to bring the whole scam into the public.
People in this land like to whine and hope that 'someone else' will solve their problems for them.
That is the truth of the matter like it or lump it.

But to bring this rant to an end I firmly believe that 'left field' is already working as hard as possible to bring a 'saviour' be it a human or a situation that is beyond the reach of the minders and their charges.

Anonymous said...

No, you're not wasting your breath to the people who already see.
Sadly, compared to the brainwashed masses, we are few, but thanks to blogs like yours, Captain Ranty, Max Farquar etc. there is always hope.

Viscount Rectum said...

Get your arse down to Westminster green on Sat 6 Oct, you can blog here for eternity nothing will change so put your arse on the line see you Sat 6.

banned said...

I met a chap about a year or so ago who amuses himself by posting pious left-wing PC comments on the Mails website just to wind the readers up; he calls himself ChrisLondon79 (or something like it) and his aim is to garner as many - negative tickboxes as possible.

Anonymous said...

That was a great post! Humorous and more worryingly bang on the mark.

Dazed And Confused said...

Who is the fucking impostor "Dazed & Confused" in the links to this channel. What the fuckerty fuck is that all about then, the cloning, twat of an Islamist Arab.

Caratacus said...

Yup - Sheeple, they're the trouble. Thing is, there are more of them than us poor sods who have woken up to what's going on ... many times more. There comes a time when - as Bill mentions above - one recognises that there is just no changing the buggers. I try and live my life with a degree of equilibrium despite the best endeavours of the fuckwits to drive me to drink. I'm already there by the way folks, you can fuck off now .. :-)

My little contribution is the education of my granddaughter of the many and sinful ways of those who would seek to run her life, and how to protect herself from those bloody vampires. So if, some years down the line, you read of a young lady who has been cautioned for ramming a wad of rolled-up paperwork firmly and unsympathetically up the arse of a snivel servant or a politician, you may rest assured that she is related to this old curmudgeon ... and that my work is done.

Demetrius said...

Alas, the young interns who do the real work for most of the media are not terribly interested in world affairs. Nor do they know much or understand much, nor have they ever done any real work. So they work on what they think there friends would like. As the MSM is now based on the near teen and teen segment of the market what do you expect?

Anonymous said...

One for the Guardimong's columns, I think GOT.

Wasted on the wise OR community - preaching to the converted.

Anonymous said...

Bang on! As long as the cuntishness continues and the brainwashed sheeple continue to outnumber those of us in the know ... then we need to keep shouting the message. Keep drawing attention to the cuntitude of TPTB ... in the hope that more and more of the 'blissfully unaware', fucking well become aware!

Anonymous said...

Lovin' the rant ... fucking spot on ;-)

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is it with you and 'arses'? If you think I'm going to meet you in some seedy-arsed alleyway in Westminster then your more of an arse bandit than I thought!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Fucking great sport. There is no substitute for being cunty, once in a while. I should know ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you're on the same wavelength ... there is always method in my madness BUT, sadly, it goes right the fuck over some halfwits' heads ;-)

Anonymous said...

Channel? fucking channel! This is a blog site ... not the BB-fucking-C or I.T.-twatting-V or Satter-shitting-lite TV. Are you on drugs or did your Sat Nav send you to the wrong fucking place.

And it's not 'fuckerty fuck' .. it's 'fucketty fuck.
You fuck.

Anonymous said...

Nice work. Very nice work indeed! Now that's what I call thinking out side the bastard box ... planning ahead ... passing on the knowledge. Leaving a proper legacy. Not some half baked plan to turn the London 20-twatting-12 Parasitic Olympic site, into fuck knows what. At a cost of billions of bastard pounds to the tax payer ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yep! That just about sums the fuck up, the total cuntishness of the dead tree press ;-)

Anonymous said...

Fucking hell! And there was me thinking that nobody, that has ever read OR's blog, really knew what the fuck was going on!

Oh do fuck off!

Anonymous said...

" WAKE UP and smell the cunting coffee sheeple! For all our fucking sakes! "
Else tomorrow you wake to the smell of cordite .

Anonymous said...

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